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Attempt to reproduce lag №2 (100k desync, related to remains collector)
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Second attempt to reproduce server-wide desync and infamous 100k desync numbers. Apparently there is a bug with remains collector that causes desync and 100k desync numbers for players. {F24760}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached desync2_repro.Stratis mission with 2 or more players on non-dedicated server
  2. As soon as everyone loads, host should select "Do both" from action menu.
  3. All players will spawn helicopter, blow it up and die themselves
  4. Host and players will notice desync chain appear in bottom right corner. Some seconds later players desync number will rise to 100k. If it didn't happen repeat step 2, this depends on number of players on the server.
Additional Information

Important: Repro works best (only?) on fresh server. After each attempt make sure to stop the server and host again.

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Thank you for mission. The server was flooded by helicopterUpdate messages, because once the helicopter got destroyed, the fuel started to leak. That was causing the change of fuel level and invoked a new helicopterUpdate message to server/clients with new fuel level. I've adjusted the priority of the fuel change, so it's should not cause updateMessage spam.

r. 127116

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During one of the tests we had 100k desync\desync chain just by respawning simultaneously. Some helicopters\vehicles were destroyed about 5 minutes prior to it though. Is this situation related to helicopterUpdate too? Unfortunately we did not manage to reproduce it later but desync was clearly happening right after we all died. What is interesting is that 5 of us died at the same time sometimes 1 body sank underground, sometimes 2 bodies, sometimes none, it definitely looked like something is wrong with remains collector.

It's hard to tell, this one was obviously wrong and spamed server with messages but it's possible that there are similar cases with different messages (we've found similar problem that influenced only missions with sync. tasks).

There is a burst of messages when somebody is respawning (creating new unit, adding inventory items etc.) it's possible that it's giving a server hard time when there are multiple players respawning at the same time.

I'll check closely what is sent during the respawn.

Thanks for reply. I updated my previous comment with more details.