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Joystick input switched off during chat input active
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Input from Joystick is switched off while chat input is opened.
Issue is obvious while operating helicopter.


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Steps To Reproduce

a) get in helicopter as pilot
b) start engine
c) hover at some height
d) open chat window
e) helicopter will lose collective setting input by assigned joystick axis (as if lowered to 0)
f) crash/land

Additional Information

added Exception:
Collective raise and lower returns to normal operation when moving the joystick axis while chat window is open.

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The same happens if any scripted dialog is shown. When using the joystick as your control input for collective, you start falling out of the sky at a rapid pace. If you are using your keyboard (default settings), this doesn't happen, the helicopter seems to keep its altitude for the most part.

Joystick pilot that opens a dialog > likely to die.
Keyboard pilot that opens a dialog > likely to live.

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Happens with any menu prompt. (ie. ESC Menu)

In Arma 2 this issue was also occuring when opening the map... At least one of the things were fixed...

Please continue to fix all the dialog & Chat promts also.

Thank you.

Still happening in the actual 1.48...

Whats even worse, SHIFT+"Left Mouse Click" on the map creating a virtual way point while on the ground or while flying elsewhere.

The SHIFT action is mapped to "full thrust" and the fore mentioned "create virtual way point" action; and can easily lead to critical adverse reactions while piloting.

WORKAROUND: A good workaround for preventing all the related bugs here, maintain a safe operating altitude while viewing the map. (ie. At least greater than 1,000 meters.) And as far as the SHIFT+"Left Mouse Click" altering the thrust or altitude of the rotary wing aircraft, just be aware that this might occur while on the ground and expect this to occur by immediately returning from the map after using SHIFT+"Left Mouse Click". Immediately actuate the throttle controller to readjust the thrust and return to the map as needed. All the workarounds are not flawless and still inhibit risks, such as travelling at higher rates of speed at only 1,000 meters. If I'm not mistaken, the SHIFT key cannot be remapped to a CTRL or ALT key, nor can the SHIFT key's thrust action. Another solution I later thought of and noted below, "the pilot could also hand-over the controls to the co-pilot while he created his own virtual way point or viewed his map, then have the co-pilot hand back over controls."

Another idea, is to turn the engine off prior to looking at the map or creating a virtual way point, but this sounds a little absurd! The use of a co-pilot is ideal, but the co-pilot cannot create a virtual way point on the map for the pilot. A previous bug is or was already opened for the allowing the co-pilot to create a virtual way points for the pilot, but is or was likely disregarded due to time or closed. I guess the pilot could also hand-over the controls to the co-pilot while he created his own virtual way point, then have the co-pilot hand back over controls. But I think players are not going to adhere to a strict regime of flight operations.

May later suggestion is probably why this bug is being ignored, as real pilots likely truly hand over the controls versus trying to fly while reading a map or their favorite magazine!

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Lex added a comment.Aug 18 2015, 1:14 AM

Any key or combination of keys, you can change the function. You can set the 2X "button" any function.
Assign a "chat" to another key problem?
Remove with a function key, which leads to an accident.

Lex: The "chat" key is CAPS LOCK.

Not every key of the keyboard, nor can every action be remapped within ARMA 3.

"May later suggestion is probably why this bug is being ignored, as real pilots likely truly hand over the controls versus trying to fly while reading a map or their favorite magazine!"
Well, what about A-10 pilot or an F-16 Pilot? Both are flying solo. And they can control their CDU (basicly writing message, receiving 9-Liners, typing in flight plans) or take a look at their TAD (Mapscreen) for the next waypoitns. Another importend point is the control of the radio panels which comes with ACRE2/TFAR.

This argument was always brought up and its just nonsense... and definitly not an excuse why a aircraft should loose its throttle/collective response while in a dialog. Sorry mate.

I do not get whats your issue with the waypoint is? Even if you are pressing full throttle (with your shift) why would you press your LMB while on the mapscreen if you didnt want to create a waypoint? Putting down a marker maybe? While you cannot change the Shift and LMB to make a waypoint, you can change your "full throttle" Key.

Lex added a comment.Aug 18 2015, 2:57 PM

rogerx: Any action is easily reassigned.
Any repetitive actions highlighted in red. You decide to leave everything as it is, can you do to prevent the management, or assign another key.
I changed all the keys in the game, the standard scheme does not suit me.
The keys have two functions are configured so that in certain situations is performed only one function is available.

swissMAG: Thanks for proving me wrong on the single versus double pilot seat scenario. I guess it's up to BI to explain what they're thinking here.

I didn't realize there was a "full throttle" key. It would probably be preferable for it to be remapped by default, but doing so would possibly create a scenario where players cannot get going forward when their jet is at a full stop. (ie. Sometimes the jet will not move forward with a joystick throttle at full, until the "full throttle" key is actuated.) Probably best to fix this bug first, then remove the mapping of "full throttle" as it definitely conflicts with virtual way point mapping.

Lex: Can you remap the "Collision Lights" action? Can you remap the Shift key for performing the Shift + "Left Mouse Click" keys?

Lex added a comment.Aug 20 2015, 12:41 PM

Shift + "Left Mouse Click" - What does the keyboard shortcut? It is not in game management. The game is not working.
On the Shift key you configured Chat?
What is the second function of the Shift key is you?

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