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mission moral fiber automatically fails
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in the campaign episode 3 mission moral fiber i am encountering a bug in which the mission automatically fails, at the point in the mission where you get in the hunters to reinforce the pinned down squad at the cemetery one of two things happen, either A: your hunter and the squad leaders hunter move to the cemetery the squad leaders hunter stops at the cemetery while yours stops 200 meters away and when ordered to follow the squad leader the mission automatically fails under "you didnt follow orders" or B: your hunter moves to the cemetery but the squad leaders stays at point yankee, your hunter stops 200 meters away from the cemetery (same spot as i scenario A) and you are ordered to follow the squad leader and the mission fails immediately "you didnt follow orders" (same as scenario A)


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
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play the mission moral fiber, when you leave point yankee get in the hunter, when you stop run towards the squad leader and the mission will fail

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are you using any mods? Did restart of the mission help?

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i am not running any mods in single player and i have restarted the mission a couple of times and i run into the same problems

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Also happens for me, what is going on? after each update more bugs adds to game, we are really weird!

any news on reproduceability or confirmation of a bug, i havent heard anything from the devs

me still have this issue too.

The problem is that it is not reproducible for us. Could you please try to create a new ingame profile and try again?
You can use a cheat to unlock the mission and then revert from the one you want.

new profile? I can't grasp your meaning.
problem is mostly AI driving, one of the hunters stuck in a tree or other obstacles somewhere near that complex, after that when squad move to pyrgos, he still stuck there and squad leader is inside that too, when we disembark near pyrgos mission fails because we are too far from our squad leader.

okay, ill try it, i did restart the campaign once i reach the mission again ill let you know what happens

It's not matter that you replay mission, it's random and sometimes maybe this issue doesn't happen because it's of bad AI driving, also BI didn't changed this mission or AI driving since you created this ticket.

It worked, i was able to get past the part causing the problem and beat the mission, thank you

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This issue should have been fixed a while ago, please re-open if you experience it again. Thank you.