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Effects modules - IR grenade cannot be removed or switched off
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Effects modules - IR grenade cannot be removed or switched off via script from what I can see (latest build Deletevehicle doesn't have any effect on this module object. Hideobject or the hideobject module does not work either. {F24706}


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Place an Effects module - IR grenade on a map. Name it. Place a player, set time to night. Create a trigger with init deletevehicle vehiclename. I also tried setdamage vehiclename - not that we would expect this method to work.

There isn't any means to remove the object once created. Other triggerable effects can be removed via the deletevehicle method. Although I have only checked the Tracers effect and can confirm that this effect can be 'switched off'. Other module effects may have also been broken assuming this is a recent issue. Can't find other related tickets.

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This also occurs when effect is placed in ZEUS, the object is deleted, but the effect stays.

I have found a bit more info on this issue with the use of the ARES mod that expands ZEUS's functionality.

Download and activate the ARES mod
Then in the editor:

  1. Set Environment to night time.
  2. ZEUS to night vison mode.
  3. Place an IR strobe from the ZEUS effects modules.
  4. Notice on left panel only the EFFECT shows up.
  5. Select 'ADD OBJECTS TO ZEUS' under the ARES 'Util' menu, and place in the editor selecting 50m option.
  6. Observe now in the left hand menu that a new object NVG TARGET has appeared which is now selectable.

It is now possible to move the IR effect in addition to deleting it altogether.


The 'Tracers' effect module, which uses a similar method (placing an invisible soldier object to generate the tracers), can be moved around and deleted.

Therefore there would appear to be a disconnection between the IR NVG TARGET object and the IR effect that means selecting the IR effect DOES NOT select the NVG TARGET object.

ARES thus provides a temporary workaround, but it would be great to see the effect and the object re-connected.