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Door Gunner Freelook
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Something that currently plagues ARMA 3 is that the door gunner on the Ghosthawk has no method of freelook at all. After crewing a Ghosthawk in a session recently I realized how hard it is to be a Crew Chief without the ability to freelook.

As my view was fixed on the gun I was unable to tell the pilot when all units were out and the aircraft was clear to take off. It also means that when the aircraft is just on flight somewhere the camera view for the door gunner is very boring and he cannot look around the aircraft.

It almost seems like a cop out and that there are really low detail parts near the gunner or as if the idea of the gunner being able to see him not holding the M134 is bad. If either of those are the case then it really does not matter as it really detracts away from the experience.


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Go into the editor
Place a Ghosthawk
Get in a gunner seat

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The same issue plagues armored vehicle drivers as they are restricted to such a dull level of detail, I understand that ARMA is primarily Infantry Simulation but at least it would be nice to see those base game vehicles have the features the community have been asking for, SINCE they were lost from the move from Flashpoint to ARMA 2.

I also understand that the Helicopter DLC has yet to be released and we are unaware if this issue is resolved within it.

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Definitely agree. A big part of the ArmA experience is the change of pacing during a mission. It is the only game where you spend significant amount of time in transit, or waiting.

This is a good thing as it adds to the mission story with you have frantic parts and relaxed parts. In the relaxed part it is nice to look around or turn out etc.

There is a functional aspect to this as well as you indicate nicely. Counting crew members, assessing damage, overwatching your surroundings etc.

Exactly, it is what I was discussing with the pilot while we were on station is that a large amount of immersion is completely lost as I either need to sit in the co-pilot or a passenger seat to get any sort of freedom.

ARMA 2's worked fine albeit you could see that you did not actually have your hands on the weaponry, that really doesn't bother me and considering how the ARMA series does animations with legs and body being independant they could just use the moving hands from the FIA Offroad .50cal if they really are afraid of people complaining.

Can this be closed the issue has been resolved.