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In game servers think I'm not on correct version, launcher says I am.
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When I downloaded arma 3 I used my friends files to create the, detecting existing files, event and it did do that however when its done it says i need a 10.5gb update (it deletes essential files and will not detect them later) so I decided to open the game via the root folder and play from there, with steam open of course, now the launcher says my game is up to date (and it is because my friends game was updated that day when I got it and first encountered this problem v 1.26 and he can play fine with the same files)now my launcher acknowledges that my game is up to date (screenshot uploaded)but when I'm in server browser it says I'm only able to play v 1.24 servers. I'd be greatly appreciative if you could help me with this problem. {F24675}


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Every time I launch arma 3.

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could you please verify your game files via Steam?

done it, verify is broken and verifies all the files in about 3 seconds and says everythings fine. Any other possible fixes?

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Hope it's fixed.