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person using mod of uniforms or weapons can appear with underwear and with invisible weapon for other player
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hi !

a pesron using the mod of uniforms and weapons in multiplayer , appear for other player (not using the mod) without clothes and without weapon in the hands !

BIS can you please show up (all person using this mod) , with a standard uniforms and weapon ! for the none using mod

because its break a lot of immersion to fight with player have only underwear and invisible weapons !

thank you ! :)


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Steps To Reproduce

1- go to server using mod of weapon and uniforms or haven't restriction of mod

2- look player using mod appear with underwear and invisible weapons

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BIS aren't responsible for mods.

I don't believe its possible for them to have a "Replacement" for modded uniforms and items. Unless it forces you to see the underwear rather then it being actually <I>invisible</I>.

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Either you aren't using the mods required by the server, or they are using mods that they shouldn't.

This is intended behaviour, if a player hasn't got a weapon mod for example he cannot see when other players using this weapon.

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