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Game Saves Disappear
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When I play any of single player scenarios and save during the game if I quit the mission and go to game menu I can load saved game. But once I exit the game I can't load or "resume" that scenario mission again even though my save game files are still present in My Documents/Arma3. I don't change game version or anything between launches, I just try to continue playing from where I quit. But resume button just disappears and this is extremely frustrating after for example 7+ hours of playing, having the gamescreen stuck after death for some reason, reloading the game and not being able to load.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play any single scenario
  2. Use all saving slots
  3. Exit the game or alt+f4 it
  4. Launch the game again
  5. Not being able to resume to the mission.

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Same issue here with 1.40 version. It does not always happen but long missions with multiple auto saves are mostly affected like «Whole Lotta Altis/Stratis» «DUWS» or «Operation Cold Rising».

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Known issue, assumed "resolved":
Waiting for permanent solution,...

A poor d.i.y. solution is:
when you save at a main point of your game, alt tab, go to arma3\saved\missions\... find your current mission folder. find such files as autosave.Arma3save or save(nbr).Arma3save. Normally you have at least a very recent file. Choose the most recent file, copy to another path (desk or else) rename for continue.Arma3save.
when you want to resume your game, just add this file if it doesn't exist anymore, in the correct mission saved folder. When you click at your mission, the resume button is here.

So it's not resolved.
Thanks for your workaround. I actually used this trick a couple times. Now I just watched the location of my last know issue occurrence:
– autosave.Arma3Save: modified at 00:11, 50MB (this is the last performed autosave)
– continue.Arma3Save: (then a moment later I decided to go to bed and clicked to save and exit) modified at 00:12, but 36MB ??????????
Is this could be a clue ? I'm backing up the files in case of…

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Sept. 2017 : when playing the campaign, with no mods at all, fresh new install from Steam, trying to resume where I left off (Save and Exit) is a chaotic frustrating mess.

In sum ...

  • Resume button fails, and it resets instead to last autosave (which can be quite a while back)
  • But if I select one of the mission phases in the main menu and use the Replay button instead, sometimes that works ! I have the same gear and start at some pre-configured point in that mission (?). Sometimes it does not! (WTF).

Details :

  • no mods at all
  • no DLCs, I am on the basic campaign The East Wind.
  • running Arma_x64bit.exe in Admin mode
  • Windows 10 / Steam
  • documents/Arma 3 folder and Saved subfolder set to be writable
  • game version as of Sept. 7, 2017 (v. 1.74.142559).
Baraz added a comment.EditedSep 10 2017, 10:30 AM

From what I can see, this is how the game was designed, so probably not a bug as such, but a buggy design.

Explanation : as soon as you reach a new phase of an official ARMA 3 scenario, the saved games from the previous phase become hidden. You only have a Replay button.

Sucks. I wanted to use a save to do the last bit of a mission, but the game forces only two options: redo the entire mission or start the new phase.

In my opinion, this is not user-friendly and I humbly suggest it be changed.

EDIT : but the real bug is when the Resume or Continue button fail to work.

Baraz added a comment.EditedSep 11 2017, 9:08 PM

I am a bit pissed ... I had to restart Supply Network mission from scratch three times yesterday due to this uncool logic.

Saved games are very often deleted by the game for various reasons (i.e. unrelated to any user or pc issues).

  • If you press the Escape key after you die, to bring up the menu used to load a saved game or to quit mission, the game deletes all saves. That key is used to save/load/save & exit, so it becomes a reflex. When a player quits a mission or exits the game, he/she did not ask to delete all her saved positions. Please Bohemia change this!
  • As soon as you reach the following mission, all saves are deleted ! I wanted to redo the last part of the Supply Network mission, but no can do.
  • The game deletes saved game for other random reasons, such as crashing, and other occult "reasons".

Often, the Save & Exit option is not even available, yet you can do Save, which will be destroyed if you quit the mission ! Bohemia, this is really player unfriendly and is ongoing in September 2017.

Baraz added a comment.Nov 6 2020, 8:17 PM

Nov. 2020 : when I force quit the game to avoid the last save / continue quirk, the game deleted all my saves for that mission/scenario, with no way to getting them back!!! When I played the campaign, I CONSTANTLY kept backups! But yesterday I played a scenario (mod), for over 4 hours, and wanted to finished today... will never happen! 7 years later, you still enforce this rather brutally unfriendly save system.

I am done. Why does your software utterly DELETE our saves, notably for the singleplayer portion ! Wow. Game over for me (no more ARMA 3 of any kind).