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Bug with the Game Updater
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When trying to update with the Game Updater, there's no response during 3 minutes, then I get this message:
[23.08.2014 11:19:41] Merging Steam Manifests
[23.08.2014 11:19:41] Unable to merge app appmanifest for application 107410 [ABORDTED]
[23.08.2014 11:19:41] Update done
And the directory stays nempty.

The last message I got before was this one (time not related...):
[23.08.2014 11:41:59] ProcessThread.priority = 8
[23.08.2014 11:41:59] Update started at


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I managed to "resolve" it by deleting the Game Updater folder, and recheck the integrity, then I had to try 2 times, and then it worked when being asked to install the game updater again.... I now have my two installation, but still get this message at the end of the updates everytime...

The fact GU is not able to merge app manifests is normal because the copy maintained by GU must remain independent from Steam.

Regarding the delay, it's also normal, threads are asynchronous for optimization purposes.

Then, "" can be used to restore its initial content, instead of forcing Steam to re-download GU.

Can I close the ticket?