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Permanent Desync of 100000 in Multiplayer Games
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Since the update for Devbranch that brought over the DayZ MP technology (or something like that) my friend has a permanent 100000 Desync when he joins me. (listen server, not dedicated)
I restarted the match like 10 times and suddenly, everything worked, he had a desync of 0 for over 3 hours!
So I would say, this does not always appear, but very very often.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. download devbranch
  2. host a listen server
  3. invite a friend
  4. he has permanent 100000 Desync (check by pressing J->Players->Playername)
Additional Information

Sometimes, Desync Randomly jumpes to 0 for a few minutes, and in VERY rare cases even stays at 0 for the rest of the match.
Desync starts when someone uses Arsenal, Zeus or Vehicles.

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Related to : <a href="">0020363</a>. It may be DayZ, but its happening on many servers. Both Main and Dev branch.

Please help us out here! We all at the Breaking Point community are in shambles over this last update! The desync is absolutely gamebreaking. Thanks guys and good luck finding the problem.

I like many others have been suffering from massive amounts of desync ever since the last update... All of arma 3 MP is completely unplayable for me.. This needs to be fixed ASAP

For the time being, I advise you to revert back to 1.24.
Do this by Rightclicking ArmA3 in Steam -> Properties -> Betas -> Enter: Arma3Legacy124 -> Click CheckCode -> Select "legacy (1.24)" from the list
It is an 1.1Gb Update, should not take too long + it is playable.

Btw. I think this is happening because of packet flood. They called it "guaranteed network messaging", so now every packet is sent when before some where lost? (not a pro on this topic). Which then causes a flood, which is blocked by the router (my guess). Anyway, my f***ing Telekom router won't let me change anything regarding flood or firewall :/
Needed Ports are all open.
BI, we need a fix ASAP!

your patches make a shitty engine worse , thanks for going backwards, you guys should move your offices to Nigeria

Hey! Let's stay civilized! I know this is a big issue, but insulting someone won't help fix it either!

Really hate when people act like game development is some easy walk in the park, job/activity.

"guaranteed network messaging"
Didn't BI say something about that? Like in the change log or something?

In light if what the OP posted, can you not roll back stable to a version thats actually "stable"?