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ctrlPosition does not match config position[] for object container (type 82)
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For example

if position for an object control in object container is defined

position[] = {0, 0, 1.2};

ctrlPosition will return [0.5, 1.2, 0.5]

(besides xzy => xyz, which is normal occurrence)


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get control position of an object inside object container and compare result with config position

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ctrlSetPosition for 3d controls broken too.
_pos = ctrlPosition ((findDisplay 228) displayCtrl 228);
((findDisplay 228) displayCtrl 228) ctrlSetPosition _pos;
((findDisplay 228) displayCtrl 228) ctrlCommit 0;

(when ((findDisplay 228) displayCtrl 228) - 3d control).
This shouldn't change position, but position changing unpredictable.

ctrlPosition and ctrlSetPosition doesn't use coordinates defined in 'position' attribute, but in 'x', 'y' and 'z' attributes. They are compatible with 2D position, i.e., x=safezoneX;y=safezoneY is top left corner.

To have an object in middle o the screen, use:
class myObject
x = 0.5;
y = 0.5;
z = 1.2;

Note: ctrlSetPosition is using XZY format because ctrlPosition was using it for years. We decided to to change the order to maintain backward compatibility.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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