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"van" as working vehicle [VOTE]
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The title pretty much says it.

I have heard from many people that it would be cool to have the van as working vehicle sometime, of course myself included. This is NOT a neccessay need, it is just a little feature that would be appreciated by upvoters.

-If this even reaches alot of upvotes, it is not immediate and can be added later on.


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Adding the "van", which is currently only a wreck.

This is just a vote, feel free to give a comment too.
(Only dislike if you are fully against this, if you do not care, just do not vote.)

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What van do you speak of?

If you go into the Editor and place a "Van Wreck", which can be found under Empty->Wrecks->Van Wreck.

Here is also a picture:

Cool vehicle, I hadn't seen it before. I believe diversity in civilian vehicles is an exellent goal for modders, so devs could spend time on development of the core game. Still upvoted, because it is a nice vehicle, and it would be nice if it would be made by anyone, BIS or community.

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It's a shame they've made wrecks for vehicles that haven't been included in the game, at least for the modern vehicles.

It's possible that they originally planned to.