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DeSync In Multiplayer
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I rarely have issues with desync until the the latest patch was installed on 20th Aug 2014. My first online experience after the patch resulted in massive desync and the desync chain did not even appear.
Example, I shot out the tail rotor of a helo and it continued hovering as if nothing was wrong for at least 20 minutes, I through a grenade into the middle of a congregation of about 5 enemy, it exploded and nothing happened. About 2 minutes later bodies started flying through the air.
This happened with only about 5 people in a multiplayer game and I am not looking forward to Sunday when my group will have up to 50 players online.


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Just play a multiplayer game with a few people.

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Experiencing desync issues after this patch as well, although not as severe as described. The delay of gunfire in multiplayer is several seconds however and entities (AI, Players, vehicles) zip around all over the place despite a desync value of 0.

Same problem here : Massive Desynch with a value @ 0

Everybody is standing still doing nothing and then all suddenly they all move by kilometers...

I often dies with no gunshots or whatever.

My other games have no lag/desync issues so i assume it's only arma 3 related...