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Mapdisk doesn't create virtual P drive after last update
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As title says, after last update mapdisk won't work anymore.
I've been using this with no problem since its release and now it won't work anymore.


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We are aware of this issue, an experimental hot fix has been released here:

Can you confirm me you're using Windows 8 and not Windows 7 and tell me if the hot fix works for you?


Edit: This fix has been added to the development branch

Downloading and replacing them from your website didn't work.

It worked by switching to devbranch but threw me a ton of errors in the dialog window.
I couldn't take any note.

I'm using Win8, yes.
Is this going to be released as a stable branch hotfix too? I don't like using devbranch.

This is exhausting, for every bug i fix two new come up.
Now buldozer is all fucked up, viewer doesn't work, can't attach anything, the P drive seems to disappear at random.
I don't even know where to start.
Is it too much to ask to have a PROPER STABLE release where i double click on the tools i want to use and everything works as it's supposed to? :\

Step by step:

  1. Buldozer: I invite you to take a look at the manual, in most of cases, it's a matter of configuration.
  2. P Drive cannot disappear because of the tools (except if you click on Unmount P from arma3tools.exe). Be sure you have nothing else impacting on the subst.

Also, some users have, from time to time, all their substitute drives hidden. To be sure it's not only hidden, open a console and type "explorer p:", if the explorer shows up, it's ok. If not, there is something that unmounts P

Buldozer still fails to work even after i followed the guide you provided.
The paths are correct and buldozer is where it's supposed to be, it just keeps saying "External Viewer: Attach Failed. No Viewer Found".
P drive may have disappeared because of my own fault though.
Is there going to be a stable hotfix?

P drive works again with dev branch, however DevP doesn't seem to fix anything.
I had to move all the files manually to get buldozer to work again.