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Starting Arma 3 with Launcher loads Steam-workshop mods but no other mods.
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Since the last update, starting Arma 3 using the launcher will only load steam-workshop mods. In the Main menu -> Configure -> Expansions only the steam-workshop mods will show.
However, if I use the arma3.exe to start, the mods I installed manually will show too and can then be enabled again.
If I then again try to start using the Launcher, they are gone and only the Steam-workshop mods will show.


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Start Arma 3 using the Launcher

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Using Arma 3 Dev Build 1.27.126800

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I just tried to use the Parameters -> Mods option in the Launcher to load mods and this seems to work fine.

It works fine you need to add the exact path to the mod and then ; with no space after it to work. i.e. C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Arma 3\@CBA_A3;C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Arma 3\@A3MP;etc;etc

This is not fixed, I have exactly the same issue.

Are you using Steam Dev version?

Yes, I did (1.35.127928) and main (1.32.127785).

Is it really only me?
Win Vista, 64.
Reproducibility: always

Should I start a new ticket?