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There is no server listed in multiplayer tab
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Wen i go to multiplayer, there is no server listed. For every game mode, i have no server listed. I tried everything i can imagine, even check my firewall, turn off my anti viruse, bug around with the filters, unistall the game and reistalling it and checking the game cache on steam. I first notice this issue on monday of this week.
PS: let me know if it is the right file that is attach to this ticket {F24607}


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ITs always like this since monday.

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Same here. Serverlist doesn't show up at all, or takes ages (up to 5 minutes) until I see something. And IF the list shows up, there are only 5 - 10 servers in it.

I'm also experiencing very slow refreshing. It takes a while to fetch the servers, and sometimes nothing even shows up at all and I have to restart the game. It's not unusual for me to restart the game several times before the server list loads properly.

it never shows up for me, last time i waited about that too 5 minutes or even more and it was still blank. Sometimes if i refresh or play around with the filters, once i press ok some servers will pop out but right after it disappear.
I can only reproduce this by leaving the arma 3 game and going back to it.

does it still happen in Stable version 1.26?