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ctrlSetEventHandler does not function correctly on map control
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According to BIKI -

"Sets given event handler of given control. The provided function should return true/false indicating that the event has handled this event fully or not and whether the engine should execute it's default code or not afterwards"

True/false seems to make no difference on map control.

You cannot override the MouseButtonDblClick on a map control by returning true or false with a function.

You can override the MouseMoving event on a map control... but you can't use false to not override.


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Steps To Reproduce

Put the following in the debug console

((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 51) ctrlSetEventHandler ["MouseMoving", "hint str _this; false"]

Open the map
Move the Mouse

Expectation is that as you move the mouse the height text and grid text get updated.
Result: no text is shown but hint is shown

Enter this in the debug console
((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 51) ctrlSetEventHandler ["MouseButtonDblClick", "hint str _this; true"]

Open the map
Double click mouse

Expected that the insert marker dialog does not appear.
Result: Insert marker dialog appears AND hint is shown.

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Unsolved issue... and probably will never be. And undocumented on BIKI.