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[FEATURE REQUEST] Option to start the editor with a totally clean map...
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For mission editing purposes...
Please add the ability to clear the maps of ALL objects (buildings, trees, rocks etc...) leaving just the terrain.

Being able to delete all environmental objects that are outside of the mission area (via a trigger radius) would seriously increase gameplay performance :-)


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Bohemia added a subscriber: AD2001.Aug 17 2014, 8:11 PM

This isn't possible.

Should be quite a simple task for the devs...
Each and every element that is separate to the terrain model has a class name.
So the option to simply delete everything from the map would be easy to do.

The option to do this wouldn't hurt anyone, but mission makers would benefit from it greatly :-)

could one of the down voters please explain why this is such a bad idea?...

It won't even effect the people who don't want it. :-)

can be done easily with moveObject from mikero - however for a public release you would need the permission from BI..

A simple option in game would make the process instantaneous.
Rather that using separate software and asking BIS permissions etc...

I don't think you understand what you're asking for here. Here's my explanation as to why I downvoted.

It isn't possible without either:

  1. Separate software packaged or integrated into ARMA 3 (and automated - though that might already be a feature)
  1. Entire copies of the terrains without objects on them
  1. A change to the engine itself to allow deletion of terrain objects

Do I want any of those things in the ARMA base game? Nope. Do I think the developers should spend time on any of those things? Nope.

It's nothing personal, it's just what the voting system is there for.

I understand more than anyone what I'm asking for here because the idea came directly from my mind :-)

All of the objects on the map have been placed there manually, it has all been designed by someone.
In the early stages of development (alpha / beta) many of the objects on the map were wrongly placed (floating in the air, clashing with other objects etc...) and have since been amended. They are all simply 3d models (with categorised class names) that can be manipulated at any time.

A few tabs in the editor that link to these objects (delete / activate) wouldn't be much of a task at all and would make mission editing 1000x better being able to add the available objects manually.

Being able to delete all environmental objects that are outside of the mission area (via a trigger radius) would seriously increase gameplay performance.

Well now I can't tell if you're trolling, untaught or just didn't read my comment.

lol what an odd reply

I am not trolling (can't even stand the new crappy internet slang)
I am not 'untaught' after a 15 year career in 3D graphic design and structural engineering.

You are rude and I have noticed that you have a very disturbing hobby of trying to provoke arguments with random strangers on the internet.

But I still respect your view of not wanting such a simple task adding to the game that wouldn't make any difference to anyone other than mission editors and the people who would appreciate this adding to the game.

Each to their own
Goodbye :-)

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 7:14 PM

This isn't possible without making your computer implode. Millions of objects are placed on the terrain, and removing that... Unless NASA has Arma installed I'm not sure you could do it. Anyway, you could probably just load up the terrain in Terrain Builder or whatever and remove the objects.

You see, the maps were made with the objects.

Imagine babies are born with tatoos and then you ask if you can have a newborn without tatoos. You may be able to make object-less maps, but they would be separate maps.

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Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 19 2014, 9:16 AM

I doubt that's a huge problem from bis

"You are rude and I have noticed that you have a very disturbing hobby of trying to provoke arguments with random strangers on the internet."

I can appreciate that I was a bit blunt, but I'm certainly not looking for an argument and don't know what makes you think it's my hobby. I apologize for the way my response was worded as it didn't clearly express my intent.

My comment was not intended as a personal attack of any sort, it was just meant as a comment to express my confusion at your response (as I genuinely couldn't tell whether you were being serious). I used "untaught" in place of ignorant as I wasn't sure how to express the idea without negative connotations - clearly I failed on that front and should have simply directly stated my confusion.

As for the actual feature request. I can respect the request, I just meant to say that it's not exactly "such a simple task" (especially this late into ARMA3's life).

Edit: Expanded comment

Hey don't worry fella It's all in a joking, tongue in cheek manner :-)
Let's just have a digital pint and shake hands lol

The terrain is simply a 3D model (nothing more) and the objects are extra (separate) 3D models placed onto the terrain, they are all easily editable and removable :-) Nothing is permanently glued into place.
We could do it ourselves but I'm simply requesting for it to be an official feature built into the game editor as I'm sure BIS wouldn't appreciate us tampering with their maps.

Are you 100% sure that the terrains dont incluide the objects themselves?

@Dr Death...
The model would be unnecessarily complex doing it that way.
It's easier on the hardware and quicker (design wise) to use separate objects and duplicate them across the terrain.

See this issue...

If that's so, then i find no problem in adding, at least as a bonus just for mission/map makers, the basic map without objects.