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RH-9 Kawosa variant of xH-9 series
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I would like to request a new variant of the xH-9 family, named the RH-9 Kawosa. It would basically be an MH-9 with no side boards , a DTV / Night vision / FLIR sensor pod w/laser designator mounted on the front or side (Controlled by copilot), and a PiP multifunctional display on the copilot's side (Like this - This helicopter would serve as a reconnaissance / scouting helicopter, which could also work in a Hunter-Killer team with the AH-99 Blackfoot. This would add something new to the game and you wouldn't have to model a new helicopter.
The name Kawosa comes from the Comanche word for Coyote. The Coyote is in many of the folk tales from various tribes, usually portrayed as a sneaky, crafty type that sometimes works alongside the people. This name is not trademarked or copyrighted. To my knowledge no aircraft ever had or has this name. {F24600}


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I think this would be a good addition as well. but I would like to see a modular solution.

Just having the base OH-9 and being able to add items to it, like you attach sights and rail attachments to weapons. Simply being able to pick benches, doors, weapons(DAR,DAGR,ASRAMM,M134,HMG,GMG), countermeasures, FLIR camera and add them to the base helicopter. This would also work with other helicopters and land vehicles.

And if you want to take it a step further, make them changeable in the field. This would make for a better sandbox experience by adding more value to a single vehicle. The vehicles will be able to use or switch specific loadouts in the field. Having one helicopter that can switch weapon systems can be a much more valuable than having three separate ones.

This is already shown in several mods(John_Spartan & Saul's F18,SU35) only with weapons.

I agree, It would be great to have modular customization to create such a thing. Check out a forum-post-in-the-making I've written here:

I just read all seven pages, and I really don't have anything to add. I'll be waiting for a forum topic link and a feature request. :D

Good thing you had an 11 hour train ride :P

haha thanks for the feedback man, I'll be sure to post it soon.

I'll also include the mock-ups of the GUIs that I made, those parts probably didn't make much sense just reading :P

They were pretty clear, but some illustrations could not hurt. ;p

yeah I've already got them all painted on my other computer, I'll be sure to include them in the post

+1. What would a CSAT counterpart be, though? AAF have their Hellcats, but CSAT? Just Mi-48s, unless you count drones. I suppose maybe you could have captured, reverse engineered As-350 Squirrels? A Kazan Ansat?

They'd have their Orca, I guess. It's not anything like the Hellcat or Pawnee though. Hopefully they'll get a light helicopter in the helicopters DLC

Check this one
Ka-226 is pretty good modular helicopter without tail rotor. Good candidate for CSAT light helicopter. Here it is

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I actually support this, it makes sense within the ArmA 3 world, its not the most needed but its a nice addition, and it would take advantage of the PiP. I hope this gets added.

Its not really needed, I agree. But it would add a lot more value and diversity to vehicles.

And on top of that. It would create the opportunity for modders to make weapons or modules for vehicles, instead of an entire new vehicle.

I also found this picture a while ago in the A3 helicopters pbo

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I wish you could customise loadouts of vehicles, I'd LOVE to equip an AH-9 with TOW or similar AT missiles. TOH had some sort of helo arsenal, it would be great if they implemented this to A3

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yes yes yes!

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BIS in all their evilness decided that they dont want to make vehicles customizable (on the other hand, it would be a pain to have to customize EVERY single vehicle).

However, having a base unarmored version of each vehicle and being able to add what you want would be nice, i am getting offtopic, but it would be nice if BIS relased base unarmed vehicles (say, ghosthawk without doors nor gunners, hellcats without FLIR nor guns, etc.) and mission makers can add their own shit to it, say, ghosthawks with FFARs or extra fuel.

Why have they removed the option for adding parts to the hummingbird then?
-It was working fine as it was available... (<-the skin is a addon)

As you can see you were able to change some parts back then, even a IR cam was available and civilian interior.

I wish this could be available again in the Helicopter DLC, as also some civilian versions/skins/parts for helicopters and of course military versions/(skins)/parts.

All those additions are from TOH fyi

I know, but why remove them when it's a nice feature for the community and keeps a window open for those "Altis Life" servers? (which are way too common)

I'm not sure if I am going off topic with this, but besides that the loadout idea is great and would be epic.

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"karts (better vehicle handling, too)"

Well, that's the biggest bullshit i have seen today.

"Altis & Stratis looked cooler (less trees but also less gameplay opportunities)"

Those were just prototypes. They looked different because they were lower quality.

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Just my opinion, but whatever.

Anyway, how could you get this back then? Was it a script or did you have to use 'this animate' or something? I wish there was a way to go back to that version.

No, the developers just simply have to put it in again, but right now the only thing which still works is removing the benches on the MH-9.

this animate ["addBenches", 0];

And there are some textures they have left for civilians, but, without doors and this military green interior, just doesn't make it feel much like a civilian helo.

They unlocked hidden stuff, hidden because they were hardly ready, probably.

They have already been "ready" in TKOH, which has been released 3 years ago.
There was no reason for them to remove all those in Arma 3, they worked fine in SP and MP.

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Upvoted, could be really nice to have that.

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Mi-290 has a thermal camera that controlled by the gunner. (+1)