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No engine sound inside vehicle
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Since yesterday I cant hear the engine when inside of a vehicle.
From 3rd person view, everyting works but when I switch to first person, the engine sounds fades out. I can hear the cannon and the environment, but not the engine of my vehicle.
I tested it with the Wipeout CAS plane (completly no sound in first person) and with the Hunter MRAP (I can hear the engine on startup and on shutdown, but thats it).


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open the Editor and choose a map
  • Place the player unit and an empty vehicle (or choose the player as vehicle, makes no different)
  • Start the engine and move
  • Switch between 3rd and first person view
  • Notice that there is no engine sound in first view
Additional Information

I used no addons or additional startup parameters (but -nosplash and -nointro)
Seems to be not a general sound problem because all other sounds are working

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Duplicate of #20231.

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