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Hellcats cannot lock on to vehicles or infantry.
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After the latest updates V 1.24, the Hellcats refuse to lock on to anything, the M134s and the DARs refuse to get the lock on cross-hairs. The Pawnee on the other hand, allows you to lock on to help you aim.

This in turn, is interfering with my retexture/rearm mod for the Hellcats since its missiles have been changed to the DAGR rockets.


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Try to lock on to anything using the Vanilla Hellcats, the vehicle will not allow it while the Pawnee allows lock on while it is using the same armaments.

This issue then transfers over to my mod, using DAGR rockets, the pilot cannot acquire a lock on to vehicles.

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This can reproduced in regular ARMA 3 or ARMA 3 Dev.

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How are the weapons interfering with your retexturing and rearming?
Also they have no guided weapons, how can they lock on something?

I changed the weapons on my mod(NATO Hellcats) from the Vanilla DAR missiles to DAGR.

The Pawnee for example has the same weapons as the Hellcat, but it CAN get a lock on on vehicles or infantry even if the missile will not be guided to the target.

Since the Hellcat wont lock on to anything, in turn, my mod will not work.

Have you considered maybe it's something you overlooked in the configs?

Check with the config viewer, maybe it's something they inherit differently.
The Pawnee had DAGRs during early alpha so it might be a leftover.

Yeah, I tried that, and a lot more, the problem is with the stock BIS asset.

The vehicle use to lock on before update 1.24, I checked and edited every possible variable, from canLock to Radar. I also cross chekced it against the Orca, whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be on the scripting.

I'm having the same problem!

Hellcat isn't supposed to lock anything.. How are you getting the pawnee to lock onto things?

go on the vanilla game and test it, use your lock on/next target key on the Pawnee, it will not work on the Hellcat though, this is a legitimate issue with the BIS asset.

That the Pawnee locks on doesn't mean that the weapons are going to be guided, just means you have radar lock.

Am I going to have to make a fucking video of the issue so this stops getting down voted?

Is the locking something unique to lower difficulties? that would explain why I can't do it

I understand your issue with the DAGRs, but is there no value in the config that your mod can change to enable locking?

As I've stated before, all values that could be added have been and it still does not work, I have no idea why though.

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