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Tripwire is realized useless
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Do like Sniper Elite do. "Trip-wire grenades are used to set traps for enemies. To set a trip-wire, select the item, drop it where you want the explosion to occur, then plant the stake for the other end of the wire. If anyone touches the wire in between, the grenade will detonate." Two install point - start point and stop point, variable length, transparent visible points, when installing. And add the ability set tripwire to walls and stones (plastid too).


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a much needed feature. +1

Sure was nice in Iron Front. The explosives and the armor system were some of the better parts of that game. +1

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I totally agree, by using this kind of technique would make setting them ALOT easier and more accurate. Sure there should be some max length for the wire of course.

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Do admins ignore this issue?

Issues aren't being ignored, they're just not a priority.

"Issues aren't being ignored, they're just not a priority."
I'm not sure. No answers from BI.

Tripwire in the game are made only to "f@ck off"

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I'm just wondering. Since we will soon have sling loading, wouldn't it be possible to set the grenade down, and then attach a rope(wire) to it like sling loading does. And the same way with the other end?

I'm sorry, i am not fully undarstand, what "other end", and why this "need attach a rope(wire) like sling loading". Tripwire already has a wire, why you need another attachment? I am saying about replacing with two install point (variable length, transparent visible) instead one (invisible) install point with unknown direction and fixed length. Sorry my bad english. May be you say about transformation granade to tripwire, little craft, didn't it?

And may be in Iron Front they realise this, i don't know, if yes - for dev's it will be freebie.

For crafting tripwire, player may take a wire in a wire fence everywhere on the island, go to wire fence, and in the menu is appear possibility craft tripwire from granade. Like that.

R3vo added a comment.Sep 12 2014, 2:21 PM

Well, my idea was that you would basically have 2 items. The mine which you place where you want the explosion to be, and the wire.

When you've placed the mine on the ground, you can select the wire and attach one end of it, to the mine. Then you strain the wire over the road or whereever you want it to be, and attach the other end of the wire to "tent peg"( not clue how there are called). And the attaching action would work like the the ropes attach to an object with the new sling loading technology.

I hope that was more understandable, if not, just ask what you didn't understand ;)

I am understand, thank you.

This is very good idea, we will have craft tripwire from all bombs in the game not only radio detonator,as is now, may be infrared detonator, laser detonator, bickford fuse, wire detonator. Terror simulator.

I am afraid that they have so many issues, that this idea dies unborn.

I remember bombs in half life, this is the best.

Just keep the idea simple as it is. "Two install points - start point and stop point, variable length, transparent visible when installing. As well the ability set tripwire to walls and stones".

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Upvoted. Nice and pretty good idea.

No any reaction from developers. How much to collect votes to this issue was noticed!??

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You basically want a tripwire mine?

We already have one, it's just that it's really hard to place so that the wire and mine go where you want them to.

OBVIOUSLY he's suggesting changes to the current version of it to make it easier to use.

i'm downvoting just because you've bumped your own ticket some 30+ times.

you're not the only one who would like to get their tickets resolved, and you just help bury tickets that are for real issues.

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Triada, that's just being immature

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