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Collision failure on helicopters with advanced flight model enabled
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When a helicopter is on a roof or on the deck of a ship, if simple flight model is enabled, the helicopter sits perfectly well on the deck.

However, if the advanced flight model is enabled, the helicopter sinks into the roof/deck.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable simple flight model
  2. Place helicopter on a helipad on the roof of a building
  3. Preview mission = everything should be fine.
  4. Get into helicopter but don't start engine
  5. Escape to menu and enable advanced flight model
  6. Continue mission and the helicopter falls slightly through the roof and gets damaged or explodes
Additional Information

This makes landing on roofs and many addon ships impossible when using the advanced flight model

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I have tested this on many other things you can land on. I landed a Hummingbird on the deck of a harbor and the skids sink into it so that i cannot take off anymore.

This mostly happens if you land on objects.
(except of the hospital roof, it works fine in this case)