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When landing/entering a helicopter on the pier at 28236101 the game crashes to desktop
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I have verified with multiple aircraft. At first I thought I was landing too hard on the pier while testing landing dynamics, but when I saw the helicopter vanish on contact when in 3rd person, I realized something was up.


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Game Crash
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-land helicopter (any) on the pier at 28236101 (or any length of the pier it seems), game crash
-spawn helo on pier in mission editor with player as pilot, game crashes on mission start
-spawn helo on pier, spawn you the pilot elsewhere. upon entering helo on the pier, game crashes.

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thank you for reporting the problem. However, I am unable to reproduce it. Are you using any mods? Also, could you please provide exact coordinates?
To do that, please press Esc in mission editor preview and insert in debug console in the watch field: "getpos player" (without quotes). It will return a value of your current position. Please copy it here.

Thank you very much!

Finally reproduced. Thank you, I have assigned the problem to programmers.

To answer, no I am not running any mods at all while testing the helos.

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