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Action Menu is unaccessible for scripting
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There is currently no way to access the action menu(the one you get, when you scroll), to use/block it effectively.
It isn't really a commaningmenu (showCommandingMenu is still == "", when the action menu is called), so there is no way to check if the action menu is currently opened, or call it by script.


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Well... try to access the Action Menu with scripting commands :P

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You can add actions to it with addAction and disable it with showHud false. Other than that it is hardcoded in engine.

Can't you disable certain actions on that menu? Like 'Eject'? If so, could you explain how?

Not directly no, but maybe you can lock vehicle/seat with player in it?

@Killzone_Kid thanks man, i think "showHud" could work for me.
But it isnt fully accessible by scripts, anyway ;)

You can mod out certain actions like "Flip weapon over" in a vehicle's UserActions class, but yes its not accessible by script.