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Miller dies in the objective "Assist Miller"
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I can't finish the objective "Assist Miller" when the CSAT troops pin him down because a CSAT shooter kills him (I believe he was supposed to have: this allowdamage false), so the mission breaks and if I go down there and kill all of them I can continue.. But in the next objective it'll break because it requires Miller. {F24551}


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play the mission normally
  2. When the objective "Assist Miller", he might die by CSAT troops and break the whole mission. I believe normally he has "this allowdamage false" but it isn't taking effect for me.
Additional Information

I use bcombat, JSRS2.2 and CBA_A3, I disabled all of them and I still have the problem.

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I've played this mission multiple times but Miller never died on any of these playthroughs

So, I'm having this strange bug. Miller just dies, he seems to be missing the "this allowdamage false"?

He just dies and I can even pick up his loot. I'll add a screenshot

Iceman added a comment.Aug 8 2014, 8:59 AM

When you disable the mods, you have to restart the mission from the beginning, are you doing that?

I'll restart it when I am home. Thanks

Solved, bcombat was probably overwritting the part that makes Miller invulnerable, I'll activate it when I finish the mission :)

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