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Ghost hawk hangs left low, blades including, resulting in leftwards hover/forward flight
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The ghosthawk while hovering and flying, without trim correct leans to the left. While at hover this would be ok and normal, it would only be normal if the blades did not also lean. The blades should be canted the opposite direction countering the lean, and during forward flight the aircraft should level off. this does not happen


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Steps To Reproduce

Establish auto hover in ghost hawk
neutralize cyclic/pedal position.
release auto hover.
aircraft begins left lean and spin to the right while nosing up.
To recover: left pedal, right cyclic, and forward cyclic are required.

Additional Information

While it is natural for helicopters to lean while hovering, they are designed so their main rotors counter that lean by tilting slightly in the opposite direction.

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Helicopters do counter this with what is known as "flap" with complex rotor systems (fully articulated and semi rigid). However, the pilot's presence etc causes imbalances in the center of mass. This is meant for simulation. It's the pilot's duty to combat this.

The huey, for example, leans right and forward. That's why pilots use trim. MD Hughes 500 (littlebirds) lean different ways depending on their model. I've flown them.

I understand flapping quite well, and since you brought it up, the ghosthawk is not flapping then. If it were, it would be flapping in response to its rigging that would mean a hover would happen with just increase in collective and left pedal.

I agree especially in littlebirds (pretty similar to bells which I have also flown) that the presence of a pilot is going to adjust the lean/pitch of the aircraft. However, a 7+ ton helicopter is not going to see this issue. The Apache for example which I fly every week hangs left low just like the ghosthawk is doing, however unlike the ghost hawk the blades are rigged so that you don't need right cyclic to counter it.

To restate, you should not need exboriant amounts of lateral cyclic in order to hover. Collective and left pedal is the vast majority of what should be needed. Typically any adjust,ent in cyclic comes from dealing with wind, not the helos natural mechanics.

this issue has been fixed, could you please confirm?

Confirmed fixed. Aircraft performs MUCH more like you would expect it to.

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It will be interesting to look at the XML file and see where this is implemented as a fix.

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