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Player ejected from helicopter upon death
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When you die in a helicopter, your body is ejected from the aircraft instead of staying inside like normal. This does not happen to AI, only players for some reason.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in a helicopter.
  1. Die somehow.
  1. Watch how your body is unnaturally ejected from the aircraft.

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Does "Acknowledged" mean you guys aren't planning on fixing this? Or is it a feature? It's not really that clear.

I'm copying answer for the same question from another ticket:
It means that a developer (in this case me) reads the ticket and watches the comments. Some of the tickets are then used as source for feature implementations, some of them not. There is always a discussion within the development team, we take the requests seriously and build our analysis and concepts around them.

Does it happen for every chopper and any position? SP and MP?

class CfgVehicles
class All

		ejectDeadDriver = 0;
		ejectDeadCargo = 0;

class AllVehicles: All

		class NewTurret
			ejectDeadGunner = 0;

class B_Heli_Light_01_F: Heli_Light_01_base_F

		ejectDeadCargo = 1;

class Heli_Light_01_armed_base_F: Heli_Light_01_base_F

		ejectDeadCargo = 1;

It happens (as far as I know) in the MH-9, AH-9, Wildcat, Wildcat (Unarmed), and that's all I've found. It happens in SP and MP. It makes sense for the passenger benches or the people hanging off the side, but not for the pilots or people inside. Anyway, shouldn't they be strapped in? From my experience you're supposed to strap in if there is a chance you could fall off.

Been testing, happens with every helicopter.