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Metal Fences on Altis shouldn't cause major damage to Civilian vehicles
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Vehicles are already paper thin and get damaged by the slightest hit to anything, but I don't understand why both the front wheels and the engine get completely wrecked by hitting a small metal fence.

My arguments for this change:
The fence doesn't even render until you are very close to them.
The grill of the car should completely destroy the fence before it gets anywhere near the car wheels.
The fences are being held up with wood posts and can take the impact of a vehicle.
Some of the fences don't even have wood posts and just stand up by themselves.

Ways to fix this problem:

  1. Increase the Wood post size so that it is easier to see and render faster so you can avoid the fence.
  1. Make the fences only damage the hull or engine of the car and not the wheels or completely remove all the damage caused to the vehicle and only cause it to slow down


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Hit the metal fences that are all over Altis going a decent speed

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Not only fence. Many objects which are in real life semi-rigid and easy to crush are in A3 real road blocks. The entire object data base needs a total testing against interaction with infantry/wheeled/tracked/air and then updated/optimized parameter sets.