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New Fatigue settings or how to make all the players happy.
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Many players were unhappy with the new fatigue system(v1.24). But many argued with them!
I want to offer a solution that can make happy each player.

I think that all gamers were satisfied, it is necessary in the Editor-settings of the player, next to "SKILL", create a new, separate setting - "HEALTH".
It will be only physical health(number of forces, fatigue recovery, physical endurance and stamina at the same time).
Note. Today we have a common setting - "HEALTH\ARMOR".
It is necessary to divide these values, because human health, cannot be the technical hull(body armor)!!
HEALTH - be human health only (physical endurance).
ARMOR - will only external armor(body armor, helmet, vehicles armor)

The default setting of HEALTH ONLY can be 50%-75%, but the one who will rise above will get more physical strength.


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I see one vote against! You vote against many unhappy. Why?
You will be able to put the thumb on 15-20 % of health and crawl like a turtle, if you want this. Everyone will be happy!

Note! HEALTH\ARMOR - Cannot be one thing, because human health, cannot be the technical hull(body armor)!

While I agree with your solution of being user adaptable. The problem I see is people like me would turn it off completely leaving those purests with it on to whollo around the battlefield not getting into any combat and dying rather easy when they cannot find cover fast enough.

You do not like to feel fatigue in game and you wish to have possibility completely to switch off Fatigue?
I think, If it so, then Arma 3 game not for you(
Game cannot get rid of the this features completely.
I am assured, the developers never will admit it, because Bohemia Interactive Studio Since 2001 in the games "Operation Flashpoint" already had fatigue system and this detail and set of other details, did games from BI is especial.

I think, that developers need to give the chance to adaptation, by means of options for a wide range of users of this ability. It is more real.
But if to switch off Fatigue completely then game will lose the feature, the charm, the original style.

No what you dont understand mickeymen, is that one can like many features however buggy they are but hate others. I dont like any of the fatique system, cod, bf series dont have it because they know their players dont like the lagg it simulates, all users hate lagg. Its bad enough that the maps are too large for ground combat even not neccessary maybe if this was a flight simulator then I can see it. But given the infantry to pilot ratios this is clearly a ground combat simulator by far. Bohemia has tried to combine the two and they cannot combine very well if the majority of the combatents are not able to get to the battlefield in a timely manor. There are boring aspects of real combat that people dont want to play, one is all the standing around one soldier does before a war takes place that includes getting to the battlefield. With this Arma3 is a great success and also its biggest problem. The game is very boring a majority of the time. Increasing that bordom is part of why I dont think Bohemia understands its users. To truely make this game realistic I dont see any place to take a dump on the real battlefield you see crap everywhere, could it be that making the game too realistic would turn people off? Why hasnt Bohemia learned this with its laggy feel? I think if they reversed the fatique system to zero or very close to it they would get alot more users to at least try to make the long trips across the battlefield. Otherwise like in the past Bohemia will not convert cod or bf users to arma(x). Case in point free weekends that convert next to no new users to paid users. Switching off fatique at least in the mods is already being looked at by moders. Also the sway in the aiming system is one of the major things moders are trying to remove as its not realistic to say the least.

Perhaps you are right in some points. But I would not want to delete these parts of the game as fatigue, weapons sway! My friend, this is a brand part of this game! Please understand this! I'm sure the developers will never take that step. Can be only in some mod...
I sure that, in order for the game has become less boring, need to add more strength and more maximum running-speed for each soldier. This will allow faster to move between locations and slower tired! It is most importantly, for many, those who are dissatisfied with the game!

Would it not be and option to have a Module to change it. And it being up to the mission dev to set the amount of fatigue suitable for the mission.

keep the current settings as maximum fatigue and use the fatigue system we had before as a minimum.

May be. However, bots should not be weaker human player.
My solution could configure each unit individually.

True, though every soldier goes through basic training so there physical fitness should be about the same. Of course every individual is different so there could be a random factor with it, say 5-8%.

The Module could also include different settings for different groups, say you have basic infantry, recon teams, and sniper teams. They can all be set differently, this could also give the recon role a significant advantage over regular infantry depending on what the mission dev chooses.

Bots. They should by default have the same settings as players (I believe that is the case right now). Making a separate module for bots would work, this module will by default mimic the settings of the players but can be freely adjusted.

As your request is about the configuration of each individual unit, in my opinion that would be bad. With that option it would be possible to create super soldiers, and we all know that Captain America does not really exist. Plus, I would not want to configure all 60 playable slots individually.

Stuffedsheep, I like your idea about making fatique different for each role played (...i.e. sniper, recon...) however you know in multiplayer people would just pick the fastest role and play another role say if the fastest was recon they would take that slot then just play AT or medic within that slot. Mikeymen problem with using mods which fix alot of the issues is that many of the pub servers are stock so we have to take what Bohemia gives us. HOWEVER I have found a way around the fatique system. I play medic loadout so I have a medikits and a medic tool kit which of course makes me carry the large backpack and I tire almost immediatly when I run, because im at 100% of equipment loadout. However the trick now is to fly in a helo with another medic when you get to the battlefield kill yourself when the 2nd medic reincarnates you your loadout will be about 50% less because of the blackhole backpack bug that removes 50% of your stuff when you die. However when your back alive you still have the medipack ability even though its gone from your backpack thus you can run alot further and faster while losing none of your medic ability. You of course also revive your 2nd medic and viola your set. Its a simple fix of just working the bugs to your advantage. Another way that most of the stock servers use now is everyone takes a vehicle and we just drive around the battlefield, helos will also lift quadbikes to any battlefield. Medics just drive around healing people instead of walking another simple solution. Trying to configure each slot well thats time consuming and problematic, plus those who play each day would figure out the loopholes and best slots and always take those. Right now I think I have figured out the best loadout for each role loading the packs to the limit before the fatique becomes rediculous and unusable. Another way is to ditch all friendly weapons in favor of using loadouts from the enemy thus you dont have to carry much and you always have a resupply system. Resupply from friendly units doesnt work very well as the bases are very far away and trucks and vehicles are not realistic in their small carry capabilities. Plus given the distances unless you helo a truck in its just too far away from bases.

Stuffedsheep good ideas) In this case, we can get different training soldiers!
Thus Recon can have the fastest running, quickly tired but to recover quickly!
Any carrier of backpack with ammunition and heavy weapons, should have not fast run, but more endurance and be able for a long time without getting tired.
Just the shooter may have average.
Anyway additional HEALT setting In the editor would do well for them all...

"As your request is about the configuration of each individual unit, in my opinion that would be bad. With that option it would be possible to create super soldiers, and we all know that Captain America does not really exist. Plus, I would not want to configure all 60 playable slots individually."

Super soldiers would have happened, because the limit parameters of HEALTH (100%) would not be in my case fantastic. This could be only real good shape!
Speaking about these settings, I meant working with the EDITOR to create missions. You probably mean multiplayer-game settings?

armauser99 Good that you found a solution. but I think we should wait for version 1.26. There is a system of fatigue is likely to be another

I invented a new and interesting option for all:

The first person who creates a Mod to disable fatigue and/or weapon sway will probably be considered a god. I'm willing to bet the mod would become one of the most popular downloads on armaholic.

Fatigue system is ugly! (v1.28)
The soldier in the Arma3 has a bad heart! Who sent the sick soldier at war? This soldiers are urgently need to be hospitalized!
In the game without transport, it is Impossible to move on the distance more 50-60 meters! Remove sick soldiers!

Developers! Please give settings of soldiers endurance!

well, a simple solution is, dont sprint all the time, i want you to see, how you sprint 100 meters with 30-40 kg of equipment with you.

"i want you to see, how you sprint 100 meters with 30-40 kg of equipment with you"

Even without heavy weight on the back (only with rifle, vest, helmet) the soldiers in the game can't run more than 45-50 seconds!
I specifically noticed the time.
Try to place the soldier (without heavy equipment on the back) on a flat plane and use the running.
Soldiers will not able to run after 45-50 seconds!
Do you think this is normal!?
It is not the soldier is a sick man...
Moreover, mark, what you call "sprint" in the game, is not a sprint in the real life(because only 18km/h), it's just easy running.