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Terrain Builder object placement corruption
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I've run into an issue where some objects placed on the map somehow corrupt. They are visible but do not exactly exist

They seem count negatively on the object count number and can effectively deleted only by delete+erase from hdd the object layer and seem to completely mess up the map.

It happens to like 1 in 1000 objects placed.

When selecting all the same type objects that are placed on the same layer and trying to delete them the corrupted objects cause this error message:

Error: Selection error - Created selection has objects from more than one layer!

Corrupted objects can be selected one by one, but delete does not seem to properly remove them and only erasing the layer seems to work although sometimes the layer erase crashes TB. {F24445} {F24446} {F24447} {F24448} {F24449}


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a number of objects on the map, select them all and try to delete them.

Additional Information

I have only been testing out trees and foliage on the map and have done only quick placement by copy paste.


1000+ object manual placement test yield no corruption so far.

+Edit 2

There were corrupted ones in the manually placed group and copypasting revealed a spot on the map where a all placed objects appear to get stuck in a limbo.

Pictures attached:

1: shows the retangle of doom
2: shows how there are a few corrupt objects among normally working ones

+Edit 3

Further testing revealed that manual placing does indeed have same problem.

Picture 3 shows how there seems to be objects on the map, but library count says 0

+Edit 4

Pic 4:

Found another deadzone. All objects placed on the area are unresponsive.

+Edit 5

From a 1000 trees there were 17 bad ones that I started deleting one by one, some stuck on screen and some I were able to select and delete. After a few I noticed that selecting corrupt one and moving it seemed to fix it as moving an object seems to remove it from object list? So when it was moved it got re-entried on the list.

+Edit 6

Another group test showed that sometimes a corrupted object needs to be deleted multiple times before it disappears. Also when corrupted objects are stuck on the map TB crashes on exit (save works normally). After restart and reload the deleted objects are gone.

Map properties

Name: "MapFrame_1" [current]

Easting (m)..............: 500000.000
Northing (m).............: 7800000.000

Size (m).................: 20480.000 x 20480.000
Terrain grid size (cells): 4096 x 4096
Terrain cell size (m)....: 5.000

Imagery size (px)........: 8192 x 8192
Imagery resolution (m/px): 2.500

Texture layer size (m)...: 40.00 x 40.00

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Your map properties are completely wrong and so are your easting northing for the layerr
Your floatpoints for the objects will be messed thus you get errors

Try on a tute sample map like jakerods or similar

Sorry I cant type correct properties im on tablet

But the layer is normally 4* the cell so 20 not 40
Pixel of 2.5 is also bad its preferably 1.0
Easting and northing are to be 200000 and 0

deanosbeano, easting and northing is related to the UTM zone right? And Im using different UTM zone that my map is in the middle of. TB and Arma should be able to handle this as they are in my understanding made to use georeferenced data.

picture included

The cell size on the otherhand might do the trick, I'll try fiddle with that. Pixel size is just to speed up testing for now but I'll try to change that too if the problem is related to texture map resolution.

Thanks for your input!

You cant use a diff zone
The game uses left bottom for 0, 0 and this ties to development 0, 0 which is stated in the wiki /tutes as 200000 , 0 for the area of development .
Using diff zone means your objects will be borked floatpoint

Best to delete any co ord info from your source file and use the default co ords in TB when defining the layer .

TB the default coords are Zone 31N E500000 N442127.390 so are you sure about this? Could you link up where you found the 200000 / 0 coordinates in the wiki? I could not find this info?

As TB has functionality for different zones but if changing it is an issue it is something that would need fixing? right?

Oh and now that I remember I have encountered the same trouble with the default coordinates and UTM zone. I just recently changed the zone for the lols. So it should not be the issue.

TB is a rudementary version ofa vbs product and has legacy

The zone for a3 is totally irelevant because all your weather sky etc is done via config.cpp

Whats important is 0, 0 is bottom left and the game can handle floatpoint from it and to achieve this in TB you need 200000 , 0 for every layer or be prepared for any wiki or tutorial to be of no use to any troubleshooting

Now back toy your problem , if you had this problem on a map inTB with recommended properties then my advice is no longer valid to that but is apropiate for successful in game map

I no longer develop but after 14 years I still like to pass info .