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Make Certain Items In Backpack Unusable
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A problem with ARMA 3, partially to do with the AddAction Menu is that all explosives are always in the menu no matter where they are in the inventory, this means there is a chance to accidentally place explosives when meaning to do something else.

ACE in ARMA 2 counter-acted this by making the items in backpacks (mainly explosives) unusable meaning you had to take them out yet Ammo and Meds were still usable.

What I am trying to say is that if an explosive such as a Tripmine or Satchel is in your backpack, you should be unable to place it until it is put in your vest, etc. Now that does cause problems if you don't have a vest but the only other way to solve it is to make an interaction menu with explosives to Arm or Pick them up.


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The problem is that most vests can't even fit a satchel.

So we would have to move the explosive from our backpacks to the vest then put it down?

Why can't I just open the backpack, take the mine from there, then put it on the ground?

Like I said, it does cause problems because AD2001 you are right, most of them cant but that god awful Action Menu is why I made the ticket. I agree that you should be able to TakeHomeTheCup but its just having 'Place Explosive' and 'Open Door' on one scroll menu means that someone will accidentally press it and of course you cannot pick the charge back up.

As mentioned it would be better if there was a 'Place X' and then another option when looking at it to 'Arm X' or 'Pickup X' as then accidental placement would be completely avoided.

I can safely say that almost everyone at some point in time has accidentally placed an explosive or done an action they were not planning on while trying to open a door, etc.

You can pick it up, you just have to be an explosives specialist or an engineer and you have to have a toolbox (or is it toolkit?) in your inventory.

In terms of the ticket I wholeheartedly agree. The way ACE backpacks used to work where you need to transfer stuff in and out of the pack/take off the pack to access large items was one of those things that added a layer of immersion

The important thing is if such a system was to be implemented that the way that such item interactions work is that those potential interactions are clearly telegraphed.

Machineabuse I agree, but that AD2001 that is another problem, you have to have an Explosive Specialist or an Engineer to do simple compound breaches with explosive charges.

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Fennek added a comment.Aug 2 2014, 5:39 PM

They should instead just overhaul the goddamn action menu. This thing you propose will not fix anything. You trade one inconvenience for another (accidentally placing explosives vs. no space in vest to put explosive in it).

Instead they should make explosives deployable from the gear menu and remove them from action menu. Placing explosives isnt something you need urgently all the time, like firing a weapon or throwing a grenade is.

Well we also recognize that the issue the ticket is meant to address is larger than just the matter of explosives being prematurely deployed, it also concerns things kept in pack that shouldn't be readily accessible before they are moved into the vest and clothing space of the inventory like ammunition and other consumeables.

Damn right Fennek but I don't think BI feels the same.