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Add new helicopter in game - Ka-226 and Ка-226Т
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There is only one agile helicopter in game - Hummingbird. I think we need something new from CSAT. Ка-226Т is good alternative IMO, furthermore it is without tail rotor.


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That thing is so darn ugly, but somehow i like it.

But there should be a way to add that cabin or remove it, and adding some weapons as options.

Only thing is it looks more like a civilian helicopter.

Thumbs up though.

Already done, thank you
Please close the ticket.

P. S. It looks so huge. Hope it will be smaller in game.

It will not be smaller, since it is a big transport and cargo helicopter. It is a mix of a Sikorsky S-64F "Skycrane" and your Ka-226T "Sergei"/"Hoodlum".

Maybe they might add a smaller helicopter some day...

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According to the author the feature request is fulfilled.