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CAS jet cannons painfully weak
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The A-10 has a legendary cannon, and I'm sure we were all as disappointed as I was when the A-164 came to arma 3. Its cannon its pathetic to put it gently.
Here are a few stats, in rounds to kill:

Ifrit: 30 rounds

BTR-K: 40 rounds

ZSU-39: 40 rounds

T-100: 120 rounds

It may not seem like *that* many, but let me put this into perspective: These rounds were fired from a modified little bird from near point-blank range, insuring that every single round hit. While these damage values would be acceptable if these weapons were helicopter mounted, they are not.
While flying a jet, it becomes extremely difficult to place that number of rounds on a small target. The A-10 was supposed to be a tank-buster, but now it's just a paint-scratcher.

This issue also applies to the To-199's cannon. Its cannon is much more accurate and the jet's maneuvering is much less twitchy, making it much easier to place the rounds on target. However, it is still FAR weaker than it should be for a CAS jet.

Hunter: 45 rounds

AMV-7 Marshall: 130 rounds

IFV-6a Cheetah: 245 rounds

M2A4 Slammer UP: 470 rounds

That's right, it takes all but 30 rounds of the Neophron's cannon to kill *a single tank,* assuming that *every single round hits the target,* a feat that is literally impossible to do while flying at 300km/h.

A pilot who is skilled with the plane's cannon should be a devastating asset on the battlefield. Instead, the cannon is so weak that the pilot is essentially required to use missiles, bringing his usefulness down the that of anybody else who can tab lock and spam guided missiles.

Additionally, the weakness of the cannon prevents its use on anything but the lightest of cars but more so aircraft. Which is ironic, since these are *Ground* attack aircraft.

There are several ways we can fix this issue:

  1. Increase both penetrative and explosive power of the ammunition (boost both the Hit and indirectHit params in the config
  2. Increase the rate of fire of the weapons. The Neophron's cannon fires at 1000 rpm, Wipeout's fires at 1500.

The GAU-8/A of the A-10C fires at upwards of 4000 rpm, and the Gsh-6-30 (which we could assume the Neophron has a variant of) fires even faster.

Now I understand if the ROF can't be raised too much (lag issues, etc) but a higher rate of fire would allow for a well placed burst to put more rounds on target in a smaller amount of time. Of course, the magazine capacity should be increased as ammo would be spent faster (the A-10 usually carries 1,350 rounds; the Yak-130 I'm not sure).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the editor. Place a helicopter of your choice (Hummingbird, Hellcat or Orca)
  2. Place the desired target to test. Be sure to set its ammo slider do 0.
  3. Paste this into your helicopter's Init:

A-164 Cannon:
this addWeapon "Gatling_30mm_Plane_CAS_01_F"; this addMagazine "5000Rnd_Gatling_30mm_Plane_CAS_01_F";
To-199 Cannon:
this addWeapon "Cannon_30mm_Plane_CAS_02_F"; this addMagazine "500Rnd_Cannon_30mm_Plane_CAS_02_F";

  1. Test the strength of the weapons on the target vehicle and observe the weakness of the rounds.

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It seems to me that there's no AP in the mix. Can you make a combat mix magazine for the (fixed wing) aircraft's guns?

I don't believe you can, unfortunately.

That's why the "explosive=" value exists in the config, it allows ammunition to be both explosive and still have penetrating capability (explosive=0 means fully kinetic, explosive=1 means fully explosive, and anything between is a mix of the two).

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This issue got worse in the meantime. Aircraft guns now cannot even scratch well armored APCs like Panther and Mora (MBTs are inpenetrable as well).
I opened a new issue:

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Finaly! Thank you BI

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Fixed in newest devbuild!