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Arma has stopped working
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After working on my mission (on the A2 Sangin map with the A3MP pack) ArmA stops working when I try to test the mission. It worked before and I dont know what I did that it does not work anymore.

I already removed most scripts and try to create a "debug" mode but no way to get the mission running. {F24436} {F24437} {F24438} {F24439}


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Game Crash
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does this happen when you have all mods disabled?

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It only happens when I start this mission file, if I play on the same blank map, everything works. I cant remember what essential part of the mmission I edited last so that it does not work anymore. I never had a crash like this before. I cant disable the mods because they are required for the missionfile (attachted to this ticket).

It is likely that the crashes are caused by the mods being in conflict. There is nothing we can do unless you can reproduce it without any mods. Sorry for inconveniences.

Thanks for your time! :)

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