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Quadbike Driver should have graceful death animation
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Quadbike drivers have no proper death animations.

Whilst it is understood that they should fall off the vehicle when dead, currently they teleport to the prone position next to the vehicle when killed, which is a very agonizing view.


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Make a "sad panda" animation and/or a "dead fall off" animation (e.g. ragdoll off the bike?).

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I too have noticed this on dev branch but I haven't noticed it before, which is sort of strange. Maybe it's not a problem on stable branch? Weird no-one's said about it before because it's a very obvious and noticeable transition.

Yeah, funny, I actually don't remember this lacking a death animation either. Maybe it's being worked on.

Any news on this one? :) Would love to see a short animation for quadbiker's death

Dear developers! Please make this animation already at last! Such details in game are a real shame(

Yeah. Just noticed this. +1

Again, ignored and not resolved(

Anyone fancy adding a video? I think this is quite an important animation to be lacking - any news? :)

The video of this problem? I think this no sense...

Still no death animation. Has this been this way since the alpha?

again ignored(

Well the guy on the quad technically should ' fall off' of it after hes dead. An animation would look hilariously out of place if the bike was going too slow or too fast.

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This is actually a correct behaviour - dead driver is ejected from the vehicle. Thanks for the feedback, we'll take in into consideration while thinking about better display of ejecting.

Thanks for the response Pettka :)

What the hell this ticket is RESOLVED!? Nonsense
The player still sees this shit:
Throughout the year, this ticket was ignored and now it is "Resolved" without any reasons.

Mickeymen, there was a reason given.

But it's true, it doesn't look pretty. Maybe the Quad/Vehicle should drive on for a moment with a sad panda model and then it should fall off gracefully (not insta-moved).

My friends! Why you are close not resolved question!?
Again. Throughout the one year, this ticket was ignored and now it is "Resolved" without any reasons! In the eyes of a normal person, it looks like Nonsense!

Soldiers should fall on the ground use ragdoll, do such a task could not be solved in the course of a one year? Why don't you want to solve the elementary problem? You are not able or are you lazy? I already don't know what to think about it:/

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Maybe another alternative would be to have the KIA driver remain on the quadbike and then, when a player wishes to enter the vehicle, the dead driver is either pulled off in an animation by the player (symbolising the extra time it takes to remove the driver) or have the dead driver eject (it would not be so noticeable when the player enters the vehicle). I think this animation issue will arise with any vehicle that has an exterior driving position; including the lovely jet ski for Tanoa we've seen. Removing the driver 'gracefully' will probably involve a fair bit of animation work. But I agree, it looks bad and would be very much worth the effort.

I guess this is probably related to this thread too:

Although it works correctly, ejecting the dead AI, it is a death animation that could also benefit from some love (at some point!).

Thanks for change status.
Now, you called this ticket "Quadbike Driver should have a graceful death animation" I feel sarcastic.

Quadbike Driver should have not "graceful death animation", it should have any animation at all! Today we don't have any animation.
The problem is not the absence of beauty or "graceful death".
Problem is in lack of REALISM IN THE GAME. Look carefully my video:
The soldier not falls, it DISAPPEARS in a split second!

This problem also applies, if a soldier uses a stationary weapon:
The soldier not falls, it again DISAPPEARS!

If ARMA wants to be like a REALISTIC SIMULATOR, such moments should not be in the this game. In my opinion it is not hard to understand
Please fix it finally

The author, please add information(in the main description) about what this ticket is related to

Hope that this type of death gets improved. I made a mission with lots of light vehicles: quadbikes and armed off-roads. Because they both lack death animations, the game looks very old all of a sudden, like I'm playing OFP again. :-)

It is also a missed opportunity: ragdoll animations could look extra cool on body's falling from quadbikes and armed offroads, because of the interaction with the vehicle.

Being ejected =\= being teleported away xD

Some sort of animation, or maybe just a ragdoll would be appreciated.

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I, for one, would welcome a a sad panda model.