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Increase walking speed with rifle down
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Walking speed with rifle down too slow for mid-long distance travel - exacerbated by new fatigue system.

The rifle-down walking speed in A3 is too slow for any sort of meaningful movement. With the advent of the advanced fatigue in the newest version of ArmA 3, along with overhaul mods like AGM and, in the future, ACE, we're going to need to start walking places instead of jogging everywhere.

In A3, the walking speed while you have a rifle in your hand is extremely slow. I've noticed that there are actually 3 different visible walking speeds:

-Rifle(up or down) - slowest walking speed in the game

-Pistol(down) - medium walking speed, ~37% faster than rifle walking speed(feels the most appropriate as to what the rifle-down speed should be)

-Unarmed - quick walking speed, ~55% faster than rifle walking speed

Now that we're starting to have to deal with fatigue systems both in AGM and in vanilla ArmA, we're actually going to have to start walking instead of jogging everywhere. In A2, the walking speed was fine(maybe just a tad slow) for things like long marches to a mission. In A3, it's not possible. It's simply too slow.

Requesting that the rifle-down walking speed be increased to the same speed as pistol-down.

I made a video to clarify -


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I also believe the weapon up speed should be the same as the pistol lowered, just so long walking patrols aren't so tedious.

Have you tried the "combat pace" with rifle lowered? It's slightly slower than the lowered jog speed and less fatiguing IIRC.

thank you for your valuable input, I have assigned it internally for considering as one of the parameters for tweaking the fatigue system.
Have a nice day!

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Absolutely agree with MacScottie here, all the current stances are fine even the slow walk is useful for actually patrolling, but we really need a walking speed we can use to cover long distances. Jogging everywhere not only looks daft but tires you out unnecessarily.

The British Army calls this tabbing (Royal marines call it yomping and Im sure other militaries have similar methods too), its basically a fast passed march used to cover ground and most squaddies are expected to be able to do 1 mile every 15 mins or better with all their fighting kit, weapon and bergan weighing 30kg or more.

I agree with MacScottie. Today in the Arma3 we have very slow sprint.
Sometime I get the feeling that soldiers dressed lead boots.
The new system of fatigue, adds to the difficulty.
The speed of the run should be increased.
First (2014-07-17 10:13) I created a topic here:

Your decision to increased speed but with only rifle down, looks like a great addition to this issue.

So I'v tried the new walking speed and its a step in the right direction (pun intended :D), but I still feel there needs to be a separate "marching" speed.

In my opinion this marching speed should be around 7kph weapon lowered with both hands on the weapon, similar to the unarmed walking speed however with a very slight increase in fatigue, perhaps 1/4 that of the jogging weapon down fatigue rate.

There is still room for such an option, as currently while in walking weapon lowered mode pressing C (combat mode) does nothing.

So to summarise, I propose that pressing C while in walking speed switches between "patrolling" and "marching" modes, with marching having similar if not the same properties as mentioned above.

I think it's fine, people just tend to not realize how fast/slow they move since they're not in the game. In many situations the characters are still too fast compared to what a regular soldier with combat loadout could do.

^^Thats not really the point, its more about having a walking speed that can be used to cover larger distances as currently we either jog/run or we bimble(walk slowly) when traveling on foot.

I feel we still need something in the middle, as in "marching" pace, that we can use to get from A to B while not in combat but still need to make good time and be fit to fight when we get there. This is how its done in most militaries when other forms of transport are unavailable or not viable.