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DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
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I have already reported before about this issue and I got a response that kind of told me that I can't do anything to fix it. Link:

As you can see, Iceman told me that there is no solution from their site, so I'd like to know, what I can do to fix this problem or else I'd like my money back.


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Once again the link to the last report:

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I did not write that you cannot fix it, I wrote that we (Bohemia Interactive) cannot fix the problem. Unfortunately, the amount of possible causes is pretty high. For some, disabling Windows Aero helps, some users have outdated drivers or their GPU is overheating. Some graphics cards are overclocked by manufacturers and downclocking them by 1 or 2 % solved the problem for other users. We spent really lot of time on this problem and can tell that it is caused by users' computers. It does not really happen only with Arma. I would suggest to run a couple of heavy benchmarks to see if the problems occur as well.
The most suitable for you could be:
Please run these benchmarks (at least one hour each without interruption) at highest possible settings. For most users, the crashes happen as well.

Well then, I'd like my money back, since Bohemia Interactive can't even help A WHOLE LOT of players wanting to play this game, I'd like my money back and the game removed from my PC. I practically wasted alot of money just to buy a game that where the Developers can't even reduce the graphics of the game just to help the community getting to play the game.

I seriously want my 44.99€ back into my own Paysafecard Account and you can remove Arma 3 from my Steam account and I will remove Arma 3 from my Computer, simple as that, since I can't even play it...

Hey, sorry to see your trouble. Please contact our support department via
Thank you.

Alright Iceman, thanks for the link, I sent a ticket to Bohemia Interactive asking for my money back. I hope getting my 44.99Euros back ASAP so I can use it on other games that I am atleast able to play.

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