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[Request] implementing shotguns for improved CQC
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There should be Shotguns implemented in arma 3 as arma is a military simulator and you cannot determinate that shotguns are still being used by infantry. Also Shotguns are probably the best CQC (Close Quarter Combat)/CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapons existing. Adding shotguns will make infantry groups more various and give more abilities to attack and defend.


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Shotguns are probably coming. There are picture of the AA12 and the Kel-Tec KSG. They'll either come or they won't, a feedback tracker post isn't going to affect that.

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CQB, CQC means melee/unarmed combat.

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but in modern days CQB is related to close firefights more than anything else, while CQC is used mostly to mention unarmed combat

In my mind, CQC=CQB. It doesn't matter, we knew what he meant.

I think this little "definition" problem should be solved now.

The pictures demongod refers to were released in 2012, some of the content was scrapped since then, like the Osprey, the F35 and the XM25.
Maybe with the next DLC we'll have something more.

I am not aware of any scrapping being done.
I'm not sure about the Osprey and XM25, but I know for a fact that the F35 was a placeholder for the purpose of testing. The pictures of the shotguns can be found in Dslyecxi's Game guide here:

No scrapping being done guys
However we ditched both the Osprey and F35 in the official screenshots because of reasons

they weren't 'ditched,' they were put in as placeholders to be used for testing/screenshots, etc.
and I'm talking about the F35
I think we can still expect an MV-22 Osprey variant, because in game there are already "crashed" models of the osprey. In fact, there is a static one right at the end of the Stratis Air Base runway (to the southeast), just under the water. You can even see one of the rotor blades sticking out of the water.

There are wrecks for BMPs, Humvees, Mi17, T-something, etc around Altis, yet there is none of these in actual game.

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Well, there is a paratrooper class wich is pretty much a rifleman with a parachute and there is a wreck for some kind of fictisious cargo plane, lets hope its not just wreck

i think the osprey may come with the new Helicoper DLC. The Osprey is some sort of a Helicopter, isnt it?

Yes, I never thought about that actually! I certainly hope to see it come then.

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but its just used by the USMC

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There is an animation ingame for loading a shotgun (along with other features like attaching scopes).

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well, i dont expect BIS to do everything well at all

why not?

Yes, the launch of Arma 3 is a work in progress but as we've seen from the past, they have brilliant ideas, it just takes a while for them to be finished.
Yes the vanilla game itself is a bit of a mess right now (overpowered armor, too much weapon sway, etc), but so far all the DLCs (Zeus, Karts, Bootcamp, if you can call bootcamp a dlc) have produced stellar content, so I have good faith that our future DLCs and shotguns will be great.

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karts does not count as a DLC, and so far they have been too lazy and greedy ever since the BETA relase of arma 3.

The problem is not that they get delayed with content, the problem is that they have no reason to be delayed with content, make excuses for being delayed, then they give content that nobody asked for ignoring the community, and then claim that their content was relased.

This, however, its not new, look at the infamous BIS games, look at carrier command, recieving 2 updates for the beta every year.

I have heard BIS claim that they lack the money to upgrade ArmA 3 to do the shit that the people want, a month after i heard that statement, they announced "make arma not war".

See the problem here?