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bootcamp mission stops after securing convoy
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When I play the bootcamp mission 'tension rises', the game does not continue after I secure the convoy (missions 'Follow the ROE' and 'secure the convoy')
the last thing I hear is that someone is wounded.
I don't get any objective to treat the wounded soldier, but because it looks like I am supposed to help him, I do and still nothing happens. Everyone just sits there.

reloading the previous savepoint or reverting mission doesn't help. Neither does restarting the game.

I have uploaded the automatic savepoint before the convoy and the continue-savegame after I treated the wounded soldier when nothing happens (I picked up a medipack from a nearby enemy).


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Steps To Reproduce

Load the savegame.
Shoot the enemies around the convoy as the mission progresses.
The call "We've got wounded over here" is the last sign of the mission scripts working correctly.

Additional Information

Difficulty was set on regular, in case it matters.
the Version number in the main menu is 1.25.126046
I also lowered the Graphics settings (like max amount of objects), but I think I did that during the previous chapters.

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Are you using any mods?

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This happens to me as well :( no mods, steam version (if that matters?).

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i think you had to be close to the exact truck with a soldier laying in the side, and you had to make sure you killed all FIA

@Dr. Death
I was close to it already and the task to secure the convoy was completed (see screenshot). I don't think the soldiers would go to the wounded, if I hadn't killed all enemies first. :(

What is supposed to happen after that? Healing the soldier myself doesn't help.

Thank you for reporting the problem, we applied a fix. It should be on Steam Dev today or tomorrow.
Have a nice day!

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