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New weapon sway changes and fatigue are way to high
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The fatigue and new weapon sway is way to high. Run 20-40M and then your reduced to a walk. I recommend reverting the weapon sway and fatigue to how it was previous to the boot camp update.


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Hell no. The new system is pretty close to how it is. Try lowering your weapon when not in use or take off your ruck before an engagement. It'll help you recover from all that running around and getting shot at.

You can't even run for more than 10 seconds without becoming fatigued. To top it off, if you stop running and just walk at the crawl speed that it places you at, your fatigue bar continues to rise. You are forced to completely stop and take a breather for your brief walk. On top of that you can never shoot cause if you are slightly fatigued, or not at all, your weapon will sway like crazy.

I don't see how this got anymore realistic at all. Last I checked soldiers go through intense physical training and are able to run more than 50m without tiring themselves completely out. Lets get this issue patched please? Gameplay is completely broken at the moment. I also believe that the way it was before was perfect. If its not broken don't fix it. Why would you go and mess with two game components so large as sway and fatigue when the game is already in full release? That is something you are suppose to have figured out in beta.

Also just curious, is this a programming bug where they mistyped a number. EX: Currently is fatigue after 50m, was it suppose to be fatigue after 500m and they just forgot a zero? Cause that would make a lot of sense.

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