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soundbugs are all over the place - hotfix needed
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soundbugs are all over the place:


listen to the "skid mark" sound it moves in the stereo field while braking , than go back to middle.


engine sound is on the right when turned out.


enginesound moves in stereo when you move your head


on the jet you hear it really good. enginesounds moves around in stereofield
when doing barrel-rolls. it goes all over the place.

in 1.22 evering was right.

there is really a hotfix needed.


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just place vehicle in editor or check videos.

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Well, if you move your head, the position of the soundsource is still the same. Like in the real world, you recognize the sound source's origin by the fact, that both of your ears are in different positions. When moving your head, the angle differs. This way, sources are triangulated. ARMA simulates this behaviour. And all of your videos show that it works fine. Well, not perfect at all, but there is no need to "hotfix" anything.

edit: The bug with the jet's engine is actually pretty weird though. ;)

if you walk in reallife, and turn your head around, the footsteps dont pan from left to right. also if you raise your weapon you dont hear your footsteps to the left. it sounds like someone is walking next to you on the left side.

also if you are in a car and you break with skidmarks, they dont move in the stereo field and than back to teh middle. listen exacly.

and yes, the engine in the planes ist just warping around ;) thats the most weird.

so i say its a bug in the audioengine, because all is acting a bit wired, and should be hotfixed!