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CSAT uniforms do not have Armour values yet
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So after reading the OPREP on soldier protection systems (
I went to see if any of that had been implemented yet. While it's great to see that the plate carriers of the AFF and NATO both act in the way they were written in the OPREP, the CSAT equipment does not.

I am aware their load-bearing harness offers no protection: it was mentioned in the OPREP that "For protection they rely mostly on more advanced uniforms, which offer better protection to their extremities, such as more advanced helmets." I have found no results that show the CSAT uniforms offering any more protection that running around in your underwear.

If We could please get this sorted out, it would mean playing as an OPFOR unit wouldn't mean you are immediately out of the race.


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Spawn a CSAT soldier

Spawn a BLUFOR/GREENFOR soldier

Shoot CSAT soldier once with either 5.56 or 6.5

He will die

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At the moment, BLUFOR vests stop 4x 5.56 shots and 3x 6.5 shots (with the special carrier rig stopping 5x 5.56 and 4x 6.5)

The AAF rigs also stop 4x 5.56 and 3x 6.5

...Meanwhile the CSAT uniforms stop nothing.

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CSAT infantry usually has just load bearing vests with no bulletproof capability.
It's correct that way.

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Incorrect, It's stated that they sacrifice solid chest protection i.e plate carriers. We live in a world where you can literally buy a suit jacket that is lined with bullet-proof material (at least up to large pistol rounds.) With the strange silver undersuit that CSAT uniforms seem to have, is it really that hard to believe they wouldn't have some form of protection within their uniforms?

Yes it is.
It's still arma after all, not HALO.

Its 2035, not 1990.

Back to the ticket, the point is that i dont know if the engine can easily make the clothes bullet-proof