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Character speed of movement extremely slow in 1.24 update.
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Character movement speed has been decrased too much in the last update, i think the last configuration was perfect. In my opinion the resistance and the speed of the characters was tottaly correct, i don't see why it should be changed.

Now the character is not able to sprint more than 10-15 seconds, and that is not real at all. Without a soldier training, i could run at max speed handling all the equipment at least around one minute before starting to fatigue.

I am really so impressed with this change, because i don't see it real at all. Doesn't make much sense the fact of not being able to run while being shot when you haven't run more that 10 seconds, and just being able to walk that slow.

I know it's difficult to represent the fatigue that all the equipment affect the soldier, but, in real life when you are being shot, you gain strenght where there isn't, and that isn't represented in the game too.

So i think, this should affect more the shaking of the weapon than just being able to practically walk. Doesn't make much sense to be just able to walk after 10 seconds of running with a soldier training. The fatigue system in my opinion was perfect before the update.

I know there's a moment when you simply can't run because you have no strengh, but not being able to run doesn't mean you can just walk. And less because 10-15 seconds of sprinting.

e.g- you sprint 5 seconds with all the equipment stated bellow, to get into a house. That house starts to being unsafe and you need to move. You will be just able to walk, when a soldier could sprint out of it during more that half a minute.


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  1. Equip your soldier with a medium size bag, like a kitbag, and load it to the half.
  1. Equip the soldier with a medium weight wepon such as 5.56mm MX or Katiba.
  1. Equip the soldier with a medium weight vest, load it to the half. Also get a helmet.
  1. Now try to sprint more than 10-15 seconds. Soldier is extremely fatigued, and you will be just able to walk so slow, almost like pressing the W+S walk mode. Gaining stamina is almost impossible if you need to move
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I will upload a video later today to represent this issue.

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No, thanks for the correction, i was trying to mean "sprint". Ticket updated.

I tried both gun up and gun down. But i have to say i just tested this on a "King of the hill server" and i hope this was modified in the server because if not this is extreme. I would't stand this change if i were still playing coops. with my team, it's a frustrating slow-mo movement. I can't test this in another server now because i am with exams next week, but i will upload a video in two weeks.

That videos redirecting to the post of the BIS forums represent perfectly what i am trying to say. And a Dev. admited in that post that the actual change is a weird slow-mo movement. "Also the fatigue is a bit weird. Weird in that you keep running but in slow-mo."

Have you tried sprinting with a half-full "medium sized" bag and vest, as well as a weapon and other gear in real life?

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I made one fatigue shooting training with a g36 and I do airsoft so yes, think about i carry more or less 5kg less than a soldier ( because my vest is not the same and i dont carry so many things in the backpack plus my m4 doesn't weight so much) , i do not run in such slow mo when i am tired, just run at less speed and don't even have such a beast soldier training.

What bohemia is making with all this changes is to make modders work more to fix the things they progessively break. My team is currently playing without the fatigue system because with it, it is impossible to move at decent speeds. And don't like it, i want a simulator. Miss the old system as many other things...

I agree. Today (v 1.24) Maximum running speed really slow. It's not real and it's annoying. This can't be real, because soldiers must have a good physical condition!
First I created a topic here:
Probably would be better to do a faster run only with rifle down.
Please see here:
Together with the new system fatigue soldiers in the game move simular invalids!
Dev team, give more speed when the sprint and give soldiers more strength and endurance, before full fatigue!

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This guy explains exactly what i am trying to say, SwissMAVERICK from youtube.

It just looks so unnatural, you are no running with fatigue, it is just a shoddy work, with the running animation in slow-mo.