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Can't relocate addon path for launcher
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I donwloaded a lot of addons via workshop and other sources like armaholic. None of those shows up in the launcher, because they are located under ../Documents/Arma3/ and not inside the game directory.


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Open launcher, click "Addons" tab.

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It would be great to be able to keep your addons organised in your Documents, instead of between the game files and folders.
The best way to approach this would be to give the user the ability to manually set a path for his addons.
Also, new subscriptions should be stored there.

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Until this program is out of BETA, I'd stick with PlayWithSix. Much more customisable and fluid if you give it a chance. But also, it supports all mods from Armaholic.

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This is planned, but not implemented yet. Focus was on Workshop implemntation.

New changes with SteamWorks SDK will also stir things up (and we cannot test them because of no backward compatibility right now).

In conclusion: yes, the Launcher will support non-WS addons. And we are looking into a custom folder for addons, but need to make it consistent with SDK.

Assigning myself until it is implemented to be aware.

You can now add your local addons and mods into launcher manually using a +folder button in the mods tab.
There is also a feature to monitor your selected folders and auto-include any mods found. You can setup your folders in Launcher options (upper right, clog button).

Custom folders to store your addons is are planned.