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Aggiungete veicoli...
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Sarebbe bello aggiungere veicoli come motori, elicotteri civili, elicotteri che possono trasportare veicoli ecc
(mettete la possibilità di aprire e chiudere le finestre)


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Why do people come here assuming the people at BI know each and every language in the world?

Ahah come pretendi che ti capiscano se non parlano italiano?

How can you expect them to understand you if they don't speak italian? =)

English please...

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 6:55 PM

He is basically asking for civilian helicopters, the ability to carry vehicles in helicopters, and the ability to open / close doors in vehicles.

Direct translation - It would be nice to add vehicles such as engines, civil helicopters, helicopters that can transport vehicles, etc. (put the possibility to open and close the windows)

OK, please - one feature request or bug per ticket. Civilian helicopters is one, open and closeable doors is one, transporting vehicles is another. And some of them have already been requested earlier.

I'm closing this as it's no good, I'm sorry.