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<teammate> <groupmate> <you> & no chat or player voice tags.
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Game ran great for first 150 hours or so, then whenever I enter a vehicle, passenger lists others as just <teammate> or <groupmate>. Also no words appear anymore on left side where it used to say "jimbo disconnecting" or "Frizzmo uses modified data file". Streaming UI is enabled, has been from start. Just since versions like Sa-Mata went past V5 did this start to happen. Also when people talk, it used to put up their name, and that is gone too. Like I say, I didn't change any settings as this transformation occurred. It was the deluxe version with the extra game.


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The passanger list is a third party script and BIS can't do anything about it, you should contact the mission/script author.

As for the chat messages and people talking, disable the streaming UI and it should work.

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as AD2001, these events are handled by mission author. They work on default settings and can be disabled in mission files.

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