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Can't script binoculars to their slot.
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When trying to script item (Binoculars, Rangefinder, Laser Designator) to binocular slot with "linkitem" command or "assignItem" command, it doesn't work.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor.
  2. Put "this linkitem "Binocular";" or "this addItem "Binocular"; this assignItem "Binocular";"
  3. launch
  4. look into the units inventory
Additional Information

The exported script from Virtual Arsenal uses "linkItem" command so when you are loading a chrarcter from there, it doesn't have binoculars.

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Oh thanks. Why didn't I think of that.

But that still doesn't chnge the fact that Virtual arsenal uses this and it doesn't work.

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Whats wrong with Virtual Arsenal ? I can add "Binocular" without problems

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The problem with VA is the export button. The resulting script does the above, and as a result it doesn't work.

More to the point is how you know which of addweapon and additem you need for any particular thing. If you get it wrong you can have subtle failures.