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This is definitely not a bug, but intended behaviour of the game. Do you have a proposed solution? Would you like shredded tires? Deflated tires (aren't they already in the game)?

In any case, taking into account the basic visual damage model for vehicles, Personally, I find the current situation balanced and acceptable.

is not a simulation game guide

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Renz added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 12:57 PM

What joostsidy said :)

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what the hell is wrong with you people... Are you really enjoying Arma to simulate real life the worst way?
It is a simulator so...

Vehicles as a whole are still fairly simple: driving behaviour, no opening doors, no interiors for tanks etc.

Skipping all that and adding let's say 'dynamic tire damage' with deforming tires or whatever makes little sense. It's takes a lot of time to create, it might hinder game performance and it unbalances the vehicle damage model (the tire damage looks awesome, the vehicle damage looks not so good in comparison).

I think the disappearing tires often look good actually, it's nice that you can destroy part of a vehicle and the damage is clearly visible.

When you're not playing ARMA, are you a tire-salesman? ;-P

T-Bone added a comment.Mar 8 2015, 1:56 AM

joostSidy, yes, I sell tires for your mom, so far it's only she who buys them from me :D

Hands growing from the right place will do everything right!
Don't say "it might hinder game performance it unbalances the vehicle damage model" the true secret is the will and passion. If devs really wanted to implement something big like this (or at least fix the engine performance first), they would do it a long time ago and if they also wanted to implement something big without making a performance worse, they would also successfully do it.

If community asks them and they see, that's what people want, this means that they need to implement it (or fix it)

Another psychological thing in all of us humans, which is so important is a presence of deadline for anything you would like to achieve! If you know your dead line is in a year, you ll stretch your "2 day" work for the whole year.
If you know your deadline is tomorrow you ll do your 2 day task for an hour!
The most important thing is not to get too fancy with the time...
But that's only if you at all obey deadlines and not a mentally weak person!

If I can't do anything or achieve my goal because I lack knowledge, I don't sit and wait for the rain to star pouring in Thursday.
I do my best to find material to read, people or contacts who have that experience which they could share! World isn't by far as hopeless as you imagine it to yourself!

Why don't BIS instead of picking something in the code, meet with someone who made perfectly optimized engines? For example creators of Cry Engine or Unreal 4?
If it's still difficult, why don't they expand dev team?

Renz added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 6:48 PM

What makes arma 3 so enjoyable is that fact that one bullet could end your life, not because wheels the wheels "disappear" on impact. That should be the least of your worries.

FYI T-bone, Bohamia Interactive Studios has never classed Arma 3 as a "simulater". They classed it as an "open world tactical shooter".

Want a real simulator? Get a Virtual battlespace ...
Its made by Bohamia Interactive SIMULATIONS. This is classed as a "simulater", NOT arma 3.

BIS describes Arma 3 as "authentic". IT IS.
The MEDIA thinks its a "simulater". It's not!!!!

Arma 3 description- BIS does not say its a simulater. It's "authentic"

Arma 3 wiki- tactical shooter

Virtual Battlespace wiki- THIS is a simulater.

T-Bone added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 5:58 PM

Renz, it's "simulator", get it right or pay the price.

I know, but when you are on the mission, hit something on speed of 40 km/h, lost front tires completely and you didn't happen to have the toolkit to fix the car, you literally forced to leave the vehicle and continue running through Altis on foot, with your 7 km/h and the dude choking to death like a freaking untrained rookie - smoker with lame stamina...

So what, even if it's not simulator, what stops devs from making things prettier and moving the environment closer to real and making things much more enjoyable?

Renz added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 6:11 PM

Stick to the road

if you break the machine and you do not have the toolkit are your problems, instead of wasting time for the simulation of the damage the tire, fix the damage and penetration of the projectile, fix rpm miniguns, add the bipod to rifles etc.

blastermike, Renz, I think the way it is implemented right now is really really stupid, no better description is applicable. I would go with indestructible tires when obstacle are being hit if I couldn't properly design/implement a tire destruction. The AI can't drive carefully off-road, that's what you should have in mind.
This Arma 3 game is very sadly, like that at everything, Devs start something but never finish or finalize it until a really acceptable level.
Same thing with flash lights and light sources which penetrate walls.
Same thing with flares which stuck and jitter in the ground.
Same thing with otter ridiculous way to eject a fixed wing aircraft, when you just appear near it HALO jumping after being "ejected"

I can go on with an infinite list, this so much seems that developers are doing quickies and performing a bad quality work.


I checked with my mom and she indeed bought a lot of tires from you. You are a very good salesman, because she doesn't even have a car.. ;-)

All joking aside, each of us has different priorities in what part of ArmA should be improved. I agree with you, that the community can show the devs what's important to work on. Unfortunately for you, I'm part of the community and I don't think the devs should be working on tires. What the rest of the community thinks, we will see.

I do understand your frustration though. Personally, I was shocked to find that the tanks in Arma still don't have interiors, then I was shocked again to find out that a lot of people in the community don't find this important, just like the tires. C'est la vie..

although your discussion is in some points very valid, I will have to stop it right now. Please avoid insulting each other.

The problems of our damage model are known to us (thus Acknowledged status), but unless there is a decision to dedicate time and resources to change it, it will remain as it is. I cannot tell whether this decision is made in future and don't want to promise anything, but you can be sure that we know about current state.

Thank you for the update and clearification Iceman, although you might have missed that the discussion already ended 5 months ago. ;-)

Haha, you're right.

Koolio added a subscriber: Koolio.May 7 2016, 6:54 PM

arma 3 is not realistic at anything really, just drove my car at 15km through a bush, hit a rock (really the size of it should have gone underneath the car, both front tires gone..

seriously wtf

not the first time ofc, pretty easy to break car front tires in this game, And it seems AI practically lose there fucking front tires of any 4wheel vehicle after like 5mins of giving them move orders.. because they just drive into rock walls.. I mean seriously stop making it so damn stupid, car front tires don't just fall off or break that easy! And its an EFFING GAME, at least make it a little less rubbish to counter the AI ineptness.