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Do not allow a head of the player to get inside objects. (12 video!)
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In ArmA3 the head of a player (in the first person mode), very often penetrates into various objects!(stones, rock, buildings or fences)
Note! Such error is not only ugly, but also corresponds to cheating in the game.
The player begins capable to see the enemies through walls and buildings!
Specially for this purpose, I have collected many video examples from the game.

Examples during self-medication:

Various examples of unreasonable penetration in the objects:

Example cheating in the game:

Please cure this ugliness!


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Steps To Reproduce

Known to me steps of reproduction:

  1. Get wound.
  2. lie on the ground, so the wall was right side.
  3. Use self-treatment.
  4. Get Hiead in the wall.

Video example:


  1. Get wound.
  2. Sit in the crouch position, so the wall was right side.
  3. Do self-treatment and during self-medication, turn your character with the mouse to the right.
  4. Get Hiead in the wall.

Video example:

Additional Information

If this occurs during the self-treatment, the reason is the animation of the player.
Please correct the animation at medical self-treatment!
During this animation the head of the player moves to the right and also ahead. For this reason, player always has a chance to get vision inside different objects.

Two variant to fix this:

  1. To change the animations of the player.(reduce head movement)
  2. Do not allow the player to approach close to the walls.(increase the minimum distance)

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What madman can vote against it? Today i see two votes against!
The player should not see the opponent through stones and other objects.
Possibly at a forum are present cheaters.

Renz added a subscriber: Renz.May 7 2016, 6:54 PM
Renz added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 9:30 AM

I think this isn't an issue BIS can't fix completely :S
I believe it is mitigated as you do slide away from the wall when attempting to see past it. Though you do see past it for a second
By posting this, your introducing this "exploit" to even more people XD

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 6:54 PM

One fix would be making the rotation modifier that controls head bobbing reach the maximum value when medicating yourself.

In third person, you can clearly see that the character moves his head when he's medicating, however this is not the case in first person.

Fixing this would not only reduce exploits, but also increase immersion.

Quote: "I think this isn't an issue"
No,it is a huge issue, because Arma3 is a simulator of real actions! In a reality there is no possibility to look through walls.
What for the head of the player should get in walls and other objects?
I am assured that it can be corrected easily.

Quote:"as you do slide away from the wall when attempting to see past it."
My video-example with a wall, is only one of tens other examples.
In the Arma3 is a lot of small stones on the ground, which have been specially created for shelters!
Being behind such stone and processing the wounds itself, the player constantly gets into stone a head!
Again I will tell, it is a gross blunder for any simulator game and it needs to be corrected!

Quote:"In third person, you can clearly see that the character moves his head when he's medicating, however this is not the case in first person."
Then it is twice strange and should be corrected!
I never use the third person-view, I have forbidden it for myself, because such view is not real.
I consider. that such view is absolutely not necessary for game-simulator and it needs to be cleaned.

Yeah, if you noticed I'm saying to fix it, I also don't like third person, not sure what you mean by "cleaned".

Most likely our wishes are identical.
I would like, that in the Arma3, was never a view from the third person!
Speaking "cleaned", I have in view of to remove this player ability.
Today, I very glad, that I can switch off it)

Renz added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 4:47 PM

I wrote "This isn't an issue BIS can't fix completly"
....Not "This isn't an issue"

You've quoted part of my post to make it mean something else :(
Maybe it would be clearer if I wrote "BIS can't fix this issue completly"

I believe BIS can't provide a complete solution. However, they have mitigated it for other forms. For example, trying to lean past a wall will cause you to slide away from it, preventing you from seeing past. Maybe this "sliding" could be applied for healing animations too. It won't a complete solution, but it would be mitigated and makes looking past walls harder to achieve.

Possibly I have not correctly understood you, excuse me.
For me is difficult understand you unequivocally, probably because my English is weak(
If you consider my thread as a issue simply give your voice UP!
Let's make together Arma3 better!

This issue has been ubdated. Dear Developers, it is a gross blunder, the game should be cleaned from this issue, as soon as possible!

It only 2 new examples from set of others!

Thanks for video

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 6:54 PM